Tondabayashi Dakeyama Hot Spring(Kampo no Yado Tondabayashi)

Tondabayashi Dakeyama Hot Spring(Kampo no Yado Tondabayashi)

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Tondabayashi dakeyama hot spring is in Tondabayashi simple insurance recreation center(Kanpo's accommodation・Tondabayashi) which is in dakeyama castle relate to Nankou. That is chloride hot spring including sodium and calcium. That is good for neuralgia, muscle pain, sensitivity to cold, chromic women's diseases, and a skin diseases. You can see dynamic scenery of the Osaka plains and Kongou mountains from outdoor hot spring which is located altitude 280 meters. There is 43 of Japanese・western accommodations, conference room, banquet hall, observation room which you can survey 360 degree, and restaurants which you can eat the food of head chef who training in Kyoto. A tennis court is in the site. You can enjoy a relaxing hot spring mood in less than one hour from Osaka city.

ADDRESS 〒584-0053 880-1 Ryusen, Tondabayashi City, Osaka
TRANSPORTATION There is free pickup bus(5 buses for one day) from north exit of Kintetsu Nagano line Tondabayashi station.
ADMISSION FEE Inquiry needed
Parking : 150 cars can park Free
INQUIRIES TEL : 0721-33-0700 FAX : 0721-33-2435