Shinkansen Park

Shinkansen Park

OPEN HOURSInternal is opened monthly 2nd and 4th Sunday

Shinkansen park that display Shinkansen vehicle and electric locomotive, and it's on dike of Ai river between Ai river and cargo terminal. The vehicle of Shinkansen that moor at rail had running about 5,320,000 km between Tokyo・Shin Osaka・Hakata until Showa 59(1984) 27th of October as first car of the top vehicle of 16 -car train that made Showa 44(1969). After retirement, it came to this Shinkansen park. Electric locomotive is one of the most produced as representative locomotive after the war. It was made in Showa 29(1954), worked for cargo at Tokaido main line/ Takasaki line. About 12 years until it is scrapped in Showa 58(1983), it was flourished for orange transport of Kisyu specialty at Hanwa line・Kisei line. Every month of the second ・the fourth of Sunday /twice a day:
until 10:00am-12pm, and 2:00pm-4:00pm can enter in the car and the driver's seat. Also, about 400 meters of between center loop line and Shinkansen park is famous for cherry tree tunnel is crowded with blossom viewers in spring.

ADDRESS 〒566-0051 Minamicho, Aigawa, Settsu City, Osaka North side of Shinkansen torigai base.
HOLIDAY 20 minutes walk from Osaka monorail minamisettsu station.
TRANSPORTATION 20 minutes walk from Osaka monorail minamisettsu station.
TIME REQUIRED 20 minutes
INQUIRIES TEL : 06-6383-1591