Tourist Farm  Nanrakuen

Tourist Farm  Nanrakuen

OPEN HOURS10:00~16:00 Summer seoson is until 17:00 (Admission acceptance is 30 minutes before)

About 15 minutes by bus from Nankai Toga・Mikita station. Nanrakuen was made by a forest clears in1931. Ground has three times of Koshien Baseball Stadium size. There has seasonal fruit, and vegetables farm, you can enjoy fresh seasonal taste. Until March? to the middle of June is amanatsu mandarin picking, at the beginning of May? the end of is strawberry picking from an alley. Besides, potato, pear, Japanese apricot, Japanese plum, grapes, pear, sweet potato, radish and chestnut can harvest. There is fishing pond, outdoor obstacle course, a promenade, outdoor barbecue site, a barbecue house which can accommodate 640 people, and a banquet hall. The cafe Dokutsukissa kagashi is famous which is using a cave to keep nostrum by the army before the war.

ADDRESS 〒590-0135 1457 Besshiyo, Minami-ku, Sakai City, Osaka
HOLIDAY Tuesday( if Tuesday is a public holiday it's on the following day)
TRANSPORTATION Get on Nankai bus at 2 bus stop to yokoyamakokomae from Senboku high-speed rail Toga・mikita station. Get off at Besshiyo minami and walk about 700 meters.
ADMISSION FEE Depending on the season・ events ※Inquiry needed
Restaurant : Available
Parking : About 300 cars, large 2000yen, Medium-sized 1000yen, Passenger cars 500yen.
INQUIRIES TEL : 072-298-5037 FAX : 072-293-4505