Okumizuma Athletics Sports

Okumizuma Athletics Sports

OPEN HOURS9:00~17:00

Fishing rainbow trout, eel catching, and enjoy BBQ.
There are 36 points of field athletic to play which is popular and one of the biggest in Kansai area.
Since there is also a rest house and a camper, it would be good idea to stay to enjoy nature.

ADDRESS 〒597-0102 24 Kotsumi, Kaizuka City, Osaka
HOLIDAY Wednesday(excluding the day with a public holiday and reservation not spring and summer vacation)
TRANSPORTATION Change trains at Nankai main line Kaizuka station to Mizuma train and take a Mizutetsu bus at Mizuma station and get off at Suikado mae and walk about 7 minutes.
ADMISSION FEE Depending on the purpose inquiry needed
Parking : Available
INQUIRIES TEL : 072-446-1133 FAX : 072-447-0476