Asia and Pacific Trade Center (ATC)

Asia and Pacific Trade Center (ATC)

shopping 11:00~20:00
restaurant 11:00~22:00
JOGARBOLA OSAKA usual 15:00~23:30 holiday 8:00~23:30
Different by each shop

The Asia & Pacific Trade Center, located within the Cosmo Square area on Sakishima (Nanko) Island, is both a business and a pleasure venue. A world-class international wholesale trade complex filled with shops and extensive business information, it is also the key facility in the Foreign Access Zone (FAZ) and the Comprehensive Bonded Area, which allows for efficient import activities and procedures. In the ATC, there are two big facilities. One is called O's and the other is called ITM or International Trade Mart. The O's building offers gourmet restaurants, international gift shopping and amusement facilities. ITM houses the outlet store MARE and the international trade market, which deals in both domestic and international goods. It also houses special event and exhibit spaces, such as the ATC Eco Green Plaza.

ADDRESS 〒559-0034 2-1-10 Nankokita,Suminoe-ku,OsakaCity
HOLIDAY Different by each shop
TRANSPORTATION Nanko Port Town Line Trade Center-Mae Sta.(exit No.2)
Barrier-free : Available
Restaurant : Available
Parking : Available
INQUIRIES TEL : 06-6615-5230