Lion Corporation Osaka Factory

Lion Corporation Osaka Factory

OPEN HOURS9:00- / 13:30-

We are aiming for a No.1 company as "New comfortable lifestyle industry" and working on environmental conservation. And we declared "ECO LION" in January 2006

Osaka factory that has three principles "Reduse,Reuse,Recycle" is making environmentally friendly products which are useful for everyone such as Kitchen and laundry detergent and refill fabric softeners.
In the factory tour, you will watch a company and a factory explanation video and then you will see the process that the household goods such as detergent is filled in a container and it is packed in cases.

You can look the automated work that is interesting closely.

ADDRESS 〒592-8331 2-13 Chikkoshinmachi, Nishi-ku, Sakai City, Osaka
HOLIDAY Saturday,Sunday, Public holidays ,year-end and New Year's holiday, and during long holidays in May and in August
TRANSPORTATION Get off at Nankai Ishizugawa station, and 10 minutes drive by taxi
TIME REQUIRED Up to 90 minutes
Visit : Pre-registration is needed from the previous three months of tour dates up to one month before. Fourth grade and above, up to 1 person to 10 people? Maximum 60 people
INQUIRIES TEL : 072-241-8831