Histric Park of Ikegami-Sone Ruins

Histric Park of Ikegami-Sone Ruins

OPEN HOURS10:00-17:00 (10:00-16:00 in winter)

This park is located on the site of an ancient moated village that dates back to the Yayoi period. Located in Ikegami Town, Izumi City, Osaka Pref., the site has a total area of about 600,000 m2 (1.5 km wide north-south and 0.6 km wide east-west), which is among the largest of its kind in Japan. In the park, an ancient village of 2,000 years ago has been restored by reproducing various ancient buildings, including pit houses, as well as one of the largest buildings of the Yayoi period (having an area of 133 m2: 19.2 m wide east-west and 6.9 m wide north-south) and Japan's largest ancient well, with a well-head hollowed out of a giant camphor tree of 2.3 m in diameter, discovered in 1995.

ADDRESS 〒594-0083 213-1 Ikegami-cho, Izumi City, Osaka Pref.
HOLIDAY Mon. (unless national holiday, when closed the following day), the day following a national holiday, year-end and New Year holidays
TRANSPORTATION 7 min. walk from Shinodayama Sta. on the JR Hanwa Line
20 min. walk from Matsunohama Sta. on the Nankai Line
ADMISSION FEE Free (Actual cost required for the activities at the Ikegamisone Yayoi Cultural Work Shop.)
INQUIRIES TEL : 0725-45-5544 FAX : 0725-20-1866