Seseraginosato(Kitsutsuki Mountain Villa)

Seseraginosato(Kitsutsuki Mountain Villa)

OPEN HOURS11:00~16:30

Recreation facilities that is called Seseraginosato(Kitsutsukisanso)where in a forest park of Myojingatake. Enjoying oneself on a river at Akutagawa, fishing, a barbecue (need to bring your own ingredients and charcoal), enjoying natural hunt, using a bath, having meals, and staying are possible here. Also, there is a fishing pond for rainbow throut. Hot pot, and sukiyaki with locally raised chicken are famous. Cherry blossoms, edible wild plants, and sound of a water wheel in Spring. A cool breeze of a brooklet, lightning bug, and sound of sculpin... Here is the recommended place to enjoy seasonal taste in nature.

ADDRESS 〒569-1003 18 Daiazaizurihaoazaninose, Takatsuki City, Osaka
HOLIDAY Ceramic art: Monday・Tuesday Cafe:Monday・Tuesday・Wednesday
TRANSPORTATION Taking a bus at north no.2 bus stop to Kyoto line Tainoseki, Niryou, Nakahata, Sugio from JR Takatsuki station. Get off at Izuriha and 20 minutes walk.
TIME REQUIRED 60 minutes
Restaurant : Available
Parking : 20 cars( 3 buses) Free of charge
Visit : Available
INQUIRIES TEL : 0726-88-9090 FAX : 0726-88-9091