Wanpaku Okoku(Athletic Field For Children)

Wanpaku Okoku(Athletic Field For Children)

OPEN HOURS9:30-16:30( 6/1-8/31 is until 17:00)

3 minutes by walk after you get off at a small wooden station JR Hanwa line Yamanakadani station. The most popular attraction for kids is "Roller Express"which has a total length of 200 meters. That is a roller slide which using maximum 32 degrees of steep slope. The landing place is in a dinosaur's mouth. A large - sized dinosaur is 10 meters high, 21 meters length, and 5 meters wide. Aggressive dinosaur "Dimetroton"is a model of it. It has a device which waiting people who slide down to opening big mouth, when people go into the mouth, dinosaur's yell is going to resound. In addition, athletics course "Jack and the Beanstalk" that is colorful with red, blue, yellow, and green has 74 meters of steep slope, and tunnels. Also, you can see Kansai international airport from three-storied building of a wooden observation platform, "wanpakutoride"which is about 21 meters of elevation. There is also a facilitie where you can BBQ in Wanpaku Okoku. It's crowded with family on holidays.

ADDRESS 〒599-0214 119-8 Yamanakadani, Hannan City, Osaka
HOLIDAY 3rd Wednesday
TRANSPORTATION 3 minutes walk from JR Hanwa line Yamanakadani station.
ADMISSION FEE Free admission
Parking : 140 cars can park Passenger cars 500 yen, large cars 1500yen
INQUIRIES TEL : 072-472-1890