cafe soto (ex-Soto dining)

cafe soto (ex-Soto dining)

OPEN HOURS11:00 - 18:00

Situated in a wooded area, this log house café attracts so many customers that its large parking lot is filled with cars with license plates issued by other prefectures. The secret of its popularity is the relaxing time it offers in nature, not to mention its homemade lunch and carefully-brewed coffee. The agreeable verdant space created by its garden and the wooded area, the border of which is hardly distinguishable, is an appeal certainly unique to Nose.

ADDRESS 〒563-0300 1281 Nose-cho, Toyono
TRANSPORTATION 10-min walk from Sunahara-bashi Stop on Hankyu Bas from Yamashita Station on Nose Railway
HOLIDAY Wednesdays and Thursdays
PRICES Around 2,000 yen
INQUIRIES TEL : 072-734-0810