Dotombori Imai

Dotombori Imai

OPEN HOURS11:00〜22:00

Located only 5 minutes walk from Ebisu bashi, Imai is Osaka's most famous udon restaurant. This tranquil restaurant, established in 1946, is known for inventing kitsune udon - a dish of udon topped with sweet, fried tofu. Their udon and udon nabe's wonderful taste comes from an carefully cooked broth of kelp and bonito flake. This is the taste of Osaka.

ADDRESS 〒542-0071 1-7-22 Dotombori Chuo-ku Osaka
TRANSPORTATION 5 minutes walk from “Namba station” of subway Midosuji Line
HOLIDAY Wednesday
PRICES Kitsune udon ¥735
INQUIRIES TEL : 06-6211-0319 FAX : 06-6211-0324