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Want to see Osaka as it was hundreds of years ago? Or would you prefer to immerse yourself in the pulsing, neon-lit world of Minami to experience Osaka’s youth culture at its best? Whatever your preference, there is a route you can take to make sure you hit all the top spots in one go. We’ve put together over 20 courses to show you many different faces of this diverse and exciting city. You can take an architectural walk past Osaka’s stunning historical buildings that managed to survive WWII. Or, start at a dress shop where you can rent an antique kimono, then stroll down charming alleyways so you can experience Osaka as they did in days gone by. There is so much to do. It’s just a matter of choosing your Osaka.

3 More Times to Enjoy Minami

A gaudy signboard and its huge crab, eat, laugh and enjoy MINAMI 100%!

A Night Tour of Minami

Experience night in Osaka's old entertainment quarter. Catch an evening Bunraku puppet show, then saunter down the historical Hozenji to visit centuries-old shops.

A trip to Chihayaakasaka-mura

Refresh both body and mind in the nature-filled Chihayaakasaka Village.

A trip to the era of "Big Osaka"

From Nakanoshima to the business district, the spirit of Osaka merchants is alive in retro and modern buildings.

Ancient Road of Kumano Osaka Route

From Temmabashi to Sumiyoshi Taisha. Follow the Ancient Road of Kumano and places of interests.

Art Stroll in Nakanoshima

Discover an island of museums and architecture.

Footsteps of Yasunari Kawabata

Visit the footsteps of Nobel Prize-winning author Yasunari Kawabata.

Holidays in Nanko

Take a trip to Nanko Bay, only 30 minutes from Umeda, for a relaxing day surrounded by blue sky and ocean breezes.

Japanese immersion in Kyoto and Osaka: Hands-on tour

Experience Japanese culture by making traditional sweets or observing budo (martial arts) and Japan's artisans at work.

Kita: From the Ground & the Sky

Kita, a concentration of JR Osaka station, Subway/Private railway Umeda stations. The Gateway to an ever-changing Osaka.

On tram to the historical town of Sakai

The spirit of an autonomously governed city is still there. Explore Sakai by streetcar!

Osaka Unique Comic Storytelling

Step back in time to the edo period with a performance of Kamigata Rakugo.

Retro Buildings Stroll

Take a moment to appreciate the beautiful architecture in Yodoyabashi-Kitahama-Semba environs.

See a whale shark at Tempozan

Say hello to a whale shark at this waterside resort area.

Stroll around Osaka in an antique kimono

Experience the Japanese spirit (wa) in Osaka, wearing a retro-modern kimono of a type popular among stylish Japanese women.

To Osaka Nippombashi, the holy ground of pop culture in the west!

To Osaka Nippombashi, the holy ground of pop culture.

Uemachidaichi: A Trip to Ancient Osaka

Who were the ancient Osakans of the Uemachi plateau? What was the flourishing Naniwa Palace? Take this walking tour to search for the roots of Osaka.

Walk the Seven Slopes of Tennoji

Tour a town of 200 temples and shrines.
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