See a whale shark at Tempozan

Schedule : one-day
Type : Beginner Family
Fee : 5,200Yen~

The Bay area has been converted into a resort zone complete with Kaiyukan aquarium, a giant Ferris Wheel, museums, excursion boast, gourmet shops and more. The aquarium, with its famous whale shark, is a particular highlight for families. Take this tour to fully appreciate this resort-like port area.


Subway Osakako Station
1. 7min walk Osaka Aquarium "Kaiyukan"
2. 3 min walk Suntory Museum Tempozan
3. 7min walk
4. 3 min walk
5. 1 min walk
6. 5 min walk

1. Osaka Aquarium "Kaiyukan"

Go through the deep sea tunnel-like aquagate to find fish paradise! Be surprised and amused at the unique fish living in various seas of the world. In the huge water tank "Pacific Ocean", the most popular is Yuchan the whale shark, 5.23m in length, magnificently swims around. The impressive manta ray, the unique face of the Napoleon fish, the beautiful school of horse mackerel. Mother Ocean has a deep bosom!

Admission Adults ¥2,000, Junior high and Elementary school students ¥900, Preschoolers (4 years old and above) ¥400
TEL 06-6576-5501

2. Suntory Museum Tempozan

The novel design of the building was done by Mr. Tadao Ando, a world famous architect from Osaka. There are two main parts, "Gallery" for project exhibits and "IMAX Theater" of thrilling 3D images, also museum shop, café and lounge overlooking the sea, etc, for a little break.

Admission Adults ¥1,000 Senior high school and University students ¥700, Junior high school and elementary school students ¥500
TEL 06-6577-0011

3. Santa Maria Cruise

Since you have come to the Bay Area, why not enjoy the view from the sea? The Sight Seeing boat "Santa Maria", a double-sized replica of the flagship of Columbus who discovered the New World, gives you a very comfortable voyage. Leaves on the ocean side of Kaiyukan, and goes around Osaka Port for about 50 minutes. You can see a little different view of Osaka. Night cruise also available.

Fee Day cruise Adults ¥1,500, children ¥750 / Night cruise (reservation required) Adults ¥2,500, children ¥1,250.
TEL Reservation Center 06-6942-5511

4. Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel

World largest class of Ferris Wheel 100m in diameter, 112.5m in height. The approx. 15 minutes sky trip is air-conditioned and in a spectacular location. Universal Studio in Japan is right at the foot. On a fine day, as far away as Mt. Ikoma, Mt. Rokko, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (Pearl Bridge), and Kansai International Airport can be viewed. Night time light-up with colorful illumination is also wonderful.

Admission General (3 years and above) ¥700. Children 6 and under cannot ride by themselves.
TEL 06-6576-6222

5. Tempozan Market Place

Shopping & Gourmet & Amusement facility right next to Kaiyukan. Packed with shops selling imported goods, casual fashion, sundry goods, and fast food restaurants. Note "Naniwa Kushinbo Yokocho (Gourmand Alley)", reproduction of atmosphere of downtown in late 1960s to 70s. Let's experience the genuine taste in mouth watering spot where a taste of shops with a long history which have always been loved by the ordinary people of Osaka can be sampled at once.

TEL 06-6576-5501

6. Tempozan Crossing Landing

Tempozan area has become a complete amusement place. At the edge of the main facilities, crossing boats is still in operation, conveying the history of Ajigawa to today. The crossing boat to connect here Tempozan and Sakurajima with industrial area and USJ is the main means of transportation for local people. Through the two-minute trip one way where commuters ride along with their bicycles, you can catch a glimpse of true face of Osaka.

Fee Free
TEL 06-6571-5919


Sights to see

Start at Tempozan! Dispatching base of young artists. Coast gallery “caso”, the lowest ‘mountain’ in Japan at 4.53m above sea level.


Curry Rice of Jiyuken of Naniwa Kuishinbo Yokocho. And takoyaki of Aizuya, etc.


Books related with architecture, art books, picture books, stationary goods are sold at the Museum Shop in the Suntory Museum. The best pick is the pack of Playing cards.


The Joint one day free pass is very convenient with discounts at tourist facilities.