Kita: From the Ground & the Sky

Schedule : harf-day
Type : Beginner
Fee : 1,200Yen~

JR Osaka station and Subway/Private railway Umeda stations concentrate in KITA, the gateway to an ever-changing Osaka. Recently, more theaters, luxury shops, high-rise hotels, office buildings, and department stores have been built. Of course Kita Shinchi with bright neon signs, bars for the general public, and a mega underground town are still alive and kicking. Enjoy a view of Kita town from the Floating Garden Observatory, 173m above ground. Walk around Kita from the sky and the land.


JR Osaka Station
1. 7 min walk Shin Umeda City/Floating Garden Observatory & Nakashizennomori
2. 7 min walk Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Umeda
3. 7 min walk
4. 3 min walk
5. 10 min walk
6. 7 min walk
7. 5 min walk

1. Shin Umeda City/Floating Garden Observatory & Nakashizennomori

Shin Umeda City, full of greenery between the buildings. Climbing up the elevators from the entrance of Umeda Sky Building among them, reaching Floating Garden Observatory on the 39th floor aboveground. As the photo shows, the center of the connecting part is a kind of open "stairwell", enabling you to enjoy views of Osaka while walking around. The view extends as far as Awaji Island and Mt. Ikoma on a fine day, and the sunset is also spectacular.

Admission Floating Garden Observatory Adults ¥700, Junior/senior high school students ¥500, Elementary school students ¥300, Preschoolers ¥100
TEL 06-6440-3855

2. Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Umeda

The mega-size mass-marketer towering north of JR Osaka is always chock-full of shoppers. Well-stocked with cameras and PCs. All kinds of electrical appliances available. Many visitors come from Asia. Also there is a floor for the Comme ça Store filled with fashion and sundry goods and other fashion stores, and also a restaurant floor offering Japanese, Chinese, Western, and other delicacies. You can spend a whole day here without getting bored.

TEL 06-4802-1010

3. Chayamachi neighborhood

5-6 min. walk to northeast from JR Umeda. Lined with Umeda Loft with sundry goods, Umeda Arts Theater, and MBS Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc. Building, etc. Small and stylish cafés and imported goods shops, galleries, etc. throng the area. NU chayamachi, a trendy building of fashion and gourmet opened recently. One of the information dispatching areas in KITA.

4. HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel

The second aerial walk after Umeda Sky Building. This huge Ferris Wheel accessible from the 7th floor of HEP FIVE, a bright red fashion and amusement building, is a "must" date spot for couples. The view from the top, 106m above ground, is magnificent. About 15 minutes for one revolution. Enjoy a walk in the sky in an air-conditioned gondola.

Admission Adults ¥500, Free for Elementary school students and under
TEL 06-5313-0501

5. Herbis PLAZA ENT

Grand opening in 2005 as a new landmark of Osaka Station. Luxurious vaulted ceiling elevator hall. Taste of petit celebrity with the intricate lighting stage. There are stores of skin care products, sundry goods, and natural food in addition to prominent brand shops, crowded with couples and lady shoppers. Also jazz live house "Blue Note" and "Osaka Shiki Theater".

TEL 06-6343-7500

6. Hankyu Higashidori Shopping Street

Among the flourishing areas in Kita, Kita Shinchi caters to company presidents, while Hankyu Higashidori Shopping Street attracts ordinary salaried workers. Moderately priced restaurants of sushi, Japanese cooking, taverns, and oden line this street, east of Hankyu Umeda station. With Karaoke, sauna, and game centers, young and matured alike can enjoy a comfy evening.

7. Ohatsu-Tenjin (Tsuyu-Tenjinja Shrine)

Go south along Ohatsu-Tenjin Shopping Street from Higashidori Shopping Street, an outdoor shrine at the end among buildings. "Ohatsu", a harlot of Dojima Shinchi Tenmaya, and "Tokubei", a clerk of Uchihonmachi Hiranoya, committed a double suicide at "Tenjin Forest". Since a playwright Monzaemon Chikamatsu produced a joruri play "Sonezaki Shinju" based on this incident, this shrine has been called "Ohatsu-Tenjin". There are stone statues of Ohatsu and Tokubei in the precincts. Some couples wish for successful love trying to share the luck of Ohatsu who kept her love.

TEL 06-6311-0895



Okonomiyaki, Japanese pancake house “Kiji” is recommended.


Kombu seaweed of “Kansou”, famous among enthusiastic fans for its elegant taste.


First and third Fridays are “not-to-miss” market days for old books and antiques.