Information on the Accommodation Tax

The Accommodation Tax will be introduced on January 1, 2017.
To make Osaka one of the foremost international metropolises in the world, revenue from the accommodation tax will be applied to tourism promotion programs that make Osaka more attractive.

◆Those required to pay the tax: Persons staying at hotels or inns* in Osaka Prefecture. Please refer to the table below for details.
◆How to pay the tax: Please pay the tax together with the room fee to your hotel, inn, or travel agency.

"Hotels and inns" subject to the accommodation tax refer to accommodation facilities that have obtained permission to run a hotel or inn in accordance with the Inns and Hotels Act, regardless of their names.(Facilities such as budget hotels are not included in this case)

Room Fee
(per person, per night)

Tax Ammount
Under 10,000 yen Tax-free
Between 10,000 yen and 14,999 yen 100 yen
Between 15,000 yen and 19,999 yen 200 yen
20,000 yen or more 300 yen

The room fee includes the following:
- Lodging fees
- Service fees on said lodging fees

The following fees are not included in the room fee:
- Consumption tax etc.

For the more details, please see the following Osaka Prefectural Government Official Site.
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