Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Experience the Beauty of Autumn in Osaka

Expo Park Autumn Foloage Festival
Early November - Early December
Maples, ginkos, taxodium distichums , acer buergerianum and others , total 10000 trees, 20 kinds will be colored in Expo park.

Peak of Foliage & Autumn Night Light-ups at Katsuoji Temple
Early November - Early December
The entire mountain in a crimson symphony. Best seen from mid-October to late November.

Peak of Foliage in Osaka Castle Park
Early November - Early December
Gingko and maple...Osaka Castle has a full range of sites to appreciate these beautifully colored leaves.

Peak of Foliage at Ushitakiyama
Mid November - Late November
The combination scenery of the Tahoto pagoda designated as an important national cultural property and the colored autumn leaves is definitely one of sights to see.

Maple Foliage in Settsukyo Park
Mid November - Early December
The best time to see maple leaves in Settsukyo Park is around the end of November.

Maple Festival at Aizendo
Late November - Early December
Maple leaves in the temple enclosure turn to red, adding color to the vermillion of the Main hall, presenting beautiful scenery.

Ushitakiyama Maple Foliage Festival
November 23 (Wed)
Senryo maple in the mountain of Daiitokuji Temple is designated as a natural monument of the city.