Illumination in Osaka 2017-2018

Illumination in Osaka 2017-2018

Light that Colors Osakaʼs Nights

Namba Hikaritabi
November 10(Fri) - February 25(Sun), 2018
A large-scale illumination centering on Nankai Electric Railway Namba staion will be held over winter.

Festival of the Lights in Osaka 2017
November 12(Sun) - December 31(Sun)
The collaboration between Osaka Hikari-Renaissance, Midosuji Illumination and other programs of light put on in various Osaka localities.

Osaka Sky Vista~Special Bus for Festival of the lights in Osaka 2017
November 13(Mon) - December 31(Sun)
A tour bus that you can experience a 360 degree panoramic views of Midosuji Illumination!!

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan(Tempozan) Illumination
November 17(Fri) - March 4(Sun), 2018
Perfect for the Osaka bay side, illuminations featuring themes of the sea ad sea creatures, created with magnificent light.

Nakanoshima West Winter Tale 2017
November 27 (Mon) - December 25 (Mon)
A festival of water and light, complete with a colorful artistic illumination.

One Million People's Candle Night @ Osaka City
December 6(Wed)
Turn off the electric lights; light candles instead. On Candle Night, candles will replace neon lights in one of Osaka's busiest areas..

Nagai Garden Illumination 2017
December 16(Sat)- 25(Sun)
Enjoy the walmful illumination such as trees and flowers lit up!