Osaka Halal and Muslim-Friendly Map

Osaka Halal and Muslim-Friendly Map

"The osaka Halal and Muslim-Friendly Map" was created with the aim of helping Muslim travelers enjoy a more comfortable, meaningful, and enjoyable stay in Osaka, Japan.

The map introduces hotels and restaurants in Osaka Prefecture that have official Halal certification or that provide Muslim-friendly services. Naturally, there is some variation in the scope and quality of Muslim-friendly services offered at different establishment. We therefore ask that you use your discretion to carefully review the information about each establishment and decide for yourself which service you would like to use. Wherever you choose to go, we hope you enjoy your visit to Osaka!

What do we mean by " muslim-friendly"?

Although strictly halal services are hard to come by in Japan, businesses here can still obtain basic knowledge about Islam (and about halal practices) and make efforts to accommodate Muslim travelers. Hence, we define establishments as "Muslim friendly" if they offer products or services designed specifically with Muslim customers in mind. Please note that the scope and quality of these services may differ from that found in officially halal-certification establishments.

To download the PDF map, visit the website below.