Strawberry Picking in Osaka

Strawberry Picking in Osaka

Strawberry Picking in Osaka

Kishiwada Kankounouen Farm Strawberry Picking
December 17(Sun), 2017 - June 24(Sun), 2018
All-you-can-eat strawberry picking, with free condensed milk and whipped cream.

Strawberry Garden Nakagawa
Late December, 2017 - Late June, 2018
Carefully grown, sweet Akihime and Benihoppe strawberries can be enjoyed in all-you-can-eat style for 30 minutes..

Harvest Hill Strawberry Picking
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday of January 2(Tue) - May 31(Thu), 2018
Enjoy three varieties of strawberries in all-you-can-eat style, with no time limit.

Strawberry Farm Haru
January 5(Fri), 2017 - Early June, 2018
Enjoy Asuka Ruby strawberries, a variety called "red jewel," in all-you-can-eat style for 1 hour, with free drinks and sweet treats of cakes and ice cream. Large, juicy strawberries are ready to be picked.

Agricultural Garden Tawawa Strawberry picking
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, National holiday of Mid January - Late May, 2018
You can enjoy picking large and sweet "Akihime" at the Agricultural Garden Tawawa.

Yu Noen Farm Muratake Strawberry picking
Mid January - Mid June, 2018
All you can eat sweet and fragrant strawberries grown with minimal pesticide.