Tenjin Matsuri Festival

Tenjin Matsuri Festival

Experience the energetic Osakan at Tenjin Matsuri Festival!

Tenjin Matsuri Festival  
This festival is the greatest in Osaka boasting of a history of a thousand years.

Do not miss Yomiyasai Festival (eve of a main festival)!

Yomiyasai Festival  
The festival begins from a solemn ritual.

Why don't you see them at the special site!?

Tenjin Matsuri Festival River Procession/Land Procession Viewing Seat Ticket  
Have a real experience of Tenjin Matsuri Festival!!

The climax of the summer festival! Dedication Fireworks!

Dedication Fireworks Display 
See 5,000 fireworks displayed in the night sky while watching a boat procession.