Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Official Guidebook

60-second videos available to the public!Check out experience reports!Feel the thrill of looking down?!You can easily take part in outdoor activities in nature just by venturing to the city’s suburbs.Dive into nature!LeisureExperience easy outdoor activities!Easy access to both rivers and mountainsIn Osaka City, known as an “aqua metropolis,” various events, including riverside yoga lessons, are held, and many people enjoy jogging along the city’s rivers. There are also many attractive spots in the suburbs, where you can enjoy motor circuit races and mountain hiking.Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), in which riders stand on a board and maneuver with a paddle, is an activity unique to Osaka, renowned as an “aqua metropolis.” Why not tour the sights of the city by paddling down the river?View the sights of Osaka from the water’s surface!Refresh yourself with freshair amid nature!*【1】Address 【2】Trafc 【3】Hours 【4】Holidays 【5】FeesThe park has a vast area of 1,050,000m2. You can enjoy hiking among red and yellow leaves in autumn and lush greenery in spring. Hoshi no Buranko in the park is one of the largest-scale suspension bridges in Japan, with a length of 280m and a maximum ground height of 50m. Why not enjoy a thrilling walk in the air, viewing the scenery changing from season to season?Osaka Prefectural Nature Parks “Hoshida Park”—Hoshi no BurankoJapan City SUP Association “SUP”→P56A welcome breeze blowing through the mountainsCross a suspension bridge, enjoying superb mountain scenery!【1】B1F, River Station “Hachiken-ya”, 1-2 Kitahama Higashi, Chuo Ward【2】Subway/Keihan Lines: Temmabashi Sta.【3】【5】Hours and fees vary depending on the tour.【4】No scheduled holidaysContact: mail@citysup.jpE-510

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