Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Official Guidebook

After observing the beer manufacturing process and taking a brief lesson, visitors can try some of the mouthwatering beverage! Enjoy Asahi Super Dry beer freshly brewed at the factory.Toast with fresh beer!Osakans place great importance on buying good products on the cheap. So there are numerous spots where you can have high-quality experiences for free in Osaka! You can create memories of your trip without spending a single yen! Reap rich rewards in Osaka!Admission / Tour¥03Special FeatureHave fun in Osaka without spending a single yen!“Benet-rst” principles are the essence of the Osaka culture!Asahi Breweries Suita Factory★Reservation required★Reservation required*Glico toys are attached to caramel products as premium gifts. This reects the desire of the founder that children not only receive nutrition from eating Glico caramels containing glycogen, but also improve their knowledge and cultivate their sensibilities by playing with the attached toys.【Glico toys】Learn the secrets of the Glico 300 meterrunning man?!In the museum, more than 4,000 Glico toys thus far presented are displayed. The museum also houses dioramas of Glico’s signs that have so far been set up in Dotonbori, roller-type heart molds, and many materials that introduce the history of Glico. (Items on display may be subject to change.)Glico MuseumAdmission / Tour¥0Superiorflavor!【1】Nishinosho-cho, Suita City 【2】JR/Hankyu Lines: Suita Sta.【3】Tour: 9:30–15:00 【4】 Designated holidays, year-end and New Year holidays ☎06-6388-1943【1】Utajima, Nishiyodogawa Ward 【2】JR Line: Tsukamoto Sta. or Mitejima Sta. 【3】10:00–16:00 (the entrance closes 30 minutes before closing time.) * No reservations are required on the rst and third Saturdays of each month. 【4】Saturdays * excluding the rst and third Saturdays of each month (the rst Saturday in January and May), Sundays, holidays, Bon holidays, year-end and New Year holidays ☎06-6477-8257English, Chinese, KoreaniYou canslug up tothree mugsof beer!Hops provide the avor and bitterness to beer. When split, the owers of hops smell delightful.60-second videosavailable to the public!Check out experience reports!V-2X-214

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