Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Official Guidebook

KobeMagnicent seaand mountain viewsExotic port cityHimejiWakayamaImpressive area that creates people-to-people connectionsOsaka, Jam-packed with Excitement and Charms!Osaka Bob & Family: Osaka Bob is a 20-year old foreign exchange student who has lived in Osaka for ve years. As a fun of Osaka’s tourist attractions, he will be your guide on the latest information and trends of interest to tourists. Together with his family and multinational friends, Osaka Bob is a keen follower of the Osaka tourism scene.KobeKobeApprox.a 20-min.train ride fromOsaka StationApprox.a 60-min.train ride fromOsaka StationApprox.a 60-min.train ride fromTennoji StationHimejiThe information described in this guidebook is as of September 2016. Please be advised that fees, business hours and holidays are subject to change.GourmetTheme parkNight ViewGourmetTheme parkNight ViewOsaka is an international tourist city lled with must-see attractions, including shopping, gourmet dining, entertainment, retro buildings, and historical sights. Moreover, Osaka has easy access to Kyoto and Nara, two charming ancient Japanese cities, and Wakayama, richly endowed with nature. If you plan to travel around the Kansai region, please visit Osaka rst. You are sure to have a wonderful trip, the likes of which you have never experienced before.The ofcial mascots of the Osaka Convention & Tourism BureauThis city is home to Himeji Castle,registered on UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage list.

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