Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Official Guidebook

Recognized by the Guinness Book of Records!The biggest sign in the world!Nintoku-tenno-ryo KofunThis underground shopping area extends 730m in length between Sakai-suji Ave. to the east and Yotsubashi-suji Ave. to the west, with a total oor space of 81,765m2. Directly connected to three municipal subway stations—Shinsaibashi, Nagahoribashi, Yotsubashi Stations—the area is easily accessible.This keyhole-shaped tumulus was built around the fth century, where Emperor Nintoku is said to be buried. With a total length of approximately 486m, the tumulus is the largest of all tumuli in Japan.At the Meiji Naruhodo Factory Osaka, the world’s biggest chocolate-shaped sign is set up, which is listed in the Guinness World Records™. It can be seen from the window of a train running between Osaka and Kyoto on the JR or Hankyu Line.To P.28To P.51Crysta NagahoriThe largest underground shopping area in Japan*Meiji Naruhodo Factory OsakaPeaches from Kanechika, Kishiwada CityThe largest tumulus in JapanArea of approx. 81,800㎡Yay!Yay!To P.54 (EXPOCITY)The tallest Ferris wheel in JapanYay!REDHORSEOSAKA WHEELSay “Cheese”!high123mLooks like a giantchocolate bar!Total length of 165.9mThe sweetest peachesin the worldKanechika Town, Kishiwada City is one of the largest peach growing areas in Osaka Prefecture. Among these, the variety called “Masahime” has been listed in the Guinness World Records™ as one of the sweetest peaches in the world.The Redhorse Osaka Wheel was established in 2016. With a highest point of 123m, it boasts a panoramic view of Osaka! Since the oor of the gondola is transparent, you will feel as if you are oating in the air.【3】10:00–23:00 (Tickets can be purchased until 22:40.)【4】1,000 yen– ☎06-6170-3246W-2Total lengthof approx.486m*unconnected with any other underground areas19

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