Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Official Guidebook

A large commercial complex centered on JR Osaka Station. Here you can nd LUCUA and LUCUA 1100 with many specialty stores, a department store and a hotel. Directly connected to the station, this commercial complex will hold your attention all day. Enjoy shopping at stylish specialty stores, watching movies, and gourmet dining.【1】JR Osaka Station 【2】JR Line: Osaka or Kitashinchi Sta.; Subway: Umeda, Higashi-Umeda, or Nishi-Umeda Sta.; Hankyu/Hanshin Lines: Umeda Sta. 【3】【4】Hours and holidays vary depending on the facility or store. ☎06-6458-0212 (Osaka Station City Information)UMEGLE-BUSFeaturing green bus bodies and bus stops, this loop bus service connects several areas in Umeda.☎06-6866-3145(Toyonaka Ofce, Hankyu Bus Co., Ltd.)Stops: JR Osaka Sta. (East), Nishi-Umeda, Chayamachi, and nine othersWi-F iOsaka Station CityApproximately 270 stores, including trendy shops and restaurants, are located here under the themes of "From Umeda" and “Largest in Umeda.” The intellectual entertainment space "Knowledge Capital" and the "UMEKITA FLOOR" where opens until 4:00 a.m., are also popular attractions.【1】Ofuka-cho, Kita Ward 【2】Direct link to the north entrance of JR Osaka Station 【3】Shopping: 10:00–21:00; Dining: 11:00–23:00 * Hours for some stores may vary. 【4】No scheduled holidays ☎06-6372-6300*【1】Address 【2】Trafc 【3】Hours 【4】Holidays 【5】FeesGRAND FRONT OSAKAEnglish, Chinese, Korean, ThaiEnglish, Chinese, Korean, ThaiKita, NakanoshimaMinamiTennoji, AbenoOsaka-joBay AreaSouthern OsakaNorthern OsakaEastern OsakaB-2B-2English, Chinese, KoreaniEnglishEnglish, ChineseWi-F iAn ever-evolving and trendsetting areaHome to high-prole shops, the Kita area is a hot spot in Osaka. This area, as well as the Nakanoshima area, where retro buildings stand along the river, is a must-see in Osaka.KITAMAP P34・35Kita (City North) / Nakanoshima Area23

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