Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Official Guidebook

The museum has reproduced Daigokuden Hall of Naniwa-no-miya Palace, using 70cm diameter columns that are replicas of actual pillars. Exhibits on ancient, medieval, early-modern, and modern Osaka are presented through videos, models, full-scale reproductions, and a wealth of authentic artifacts.An open-top double-decker sightseeing bus touring around the Kita, Minami, and Abeno areas. The bus operates on a hop-on hop-off system. The view from second oor seats is very impressive.Wi-F iThe aqua-bus cruises along the Okawa River, passing under many bridges. Passengers can view famous, historical sites of Osaka from the water’s surface, enjoying the seasonal landscape.Aqua-bus “AQUA-LINER”Osaka Museum of HistoryWi-F iOsaka Castle MuseumI feel likea lord!Osaka Castle was built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. It contains a museum displaying historical documents and an observation deck providing a panoramic view of Osaka in all directions. The castle attracts over two million visitors a year.Course: Osaka Castle to Nakanoshima (City sightseeing from the Okawa River )Boarding locations: Osakajo Pier, Hachiken-yahama Pier, Yodoyabashi Pier, OAP Pier (* every day in April, weekends, and holidays only)(Spring)Plum blossoms bloom around February, and the grounds of Osaka Castle, especially the Nishinomaru Garden, are ablaze with fully bloomed cherry blossoms from late March to the beginning of April.(Early summer)Hydrangea blossoms ower in the southwest of Osaka Castle Park. You can also enjoy cruising on the Gozabune boat around the castle’s inner moat, wafted by a cool breeze.(Autumn)The grounds of Osaka Castle are lled with the sweet smell of fragrant olives in October, and then are gradually covered with autumn leaves.Highlights of Osaka Castle【5】Adults: 1,700 yen; Elementary school students: 800 yen (special fees applied during spring) ☎0570-03-5551【2】13 bus stops in the Kita, Minami, and Abeno areas 【3】9:00–21:00 (operating hours) 【4】If bus operation is disrupted by bad weather, or if trafc is restricted due to certain events, bus services may be suspended, or the bus routes may be changed. Please check the ofcial website. 【5】 3,000 yen (bus fare with a tourist guidebook) ☎06-6147-7763【1】Otemae, Chuo Ward 【2】Subway: Tanimachi 4-chome Sta. 【3】9:30–17:00 (the entrance closes 30 minutes before closing time.) 【4】Tuesdays (the following day if Tuesday is a holiday.), year-end and New Year holidays 【5】 Adults: 600 yen; High school and university students: 400 yen; Junior high school students or younger: Free ☎06-6946-5728【1】Osakajo, Chuo Ward 【2】JR Line: Morinomiya or Osakajokoen Sta.; Subway: Temmabashi, Tanimachi 4-chome, or Morinomiya Sta. 【3】9:00–17:00 (the entrance closes 30 minutes before closing time.) 【4】December 28 to January 1 【5】Adults: 600 yen; Junior high school students or younger, seniors aged 65 years or older residing in Osaka City (ID required), and those with a handicapped person’s passbook: Free☎06-6941-3044English, Chinese, KoreaniEnglish, Chinese, KoreanEnglish, Chinese, KoreanEnglish, Chinese, KoreanEnglish, Chinese, KoreanEnglish, Chinese, KoreanEnglish, Chinese, KoreanThe Gozabune boat is a faithful reproduction of Toyotomi Hideyoshi's “Ho-Oh-Maru” boat. The interior of the boat is laid with gold leaf. Boarding the boat, you will feel like a feudal lord like Hideyoshi.Cruise touring the inner moat of Osaka CastleOsaka Castle Gozabune【1】Osakajo, Chuo Ward (west side of Gokuraku-bashi Bridge) 【2】JR Line: Osakajokoen Sta.; Subway: Osaka Business Park or Temmabashi Sta. 【3】10:00–16:30 (nal departure) * Every 30 minutes from 10:00 on weekdays; Every 15 minutes from 10:00 on weekends and holidays 【4】Boat services will be suspended in the winter months. 【5】Adults: 1,500 yen; Seniors aged 65 years or older: 1,000 yen; Elementary and junior high school students: 750 yen ☎080-3764-3773EnglishO・P・Q-1,P34 C-4P-2P-2P-2If bus operation is disrupted by bad weather, or if trafc is restricted due to certain events, bus 3,000 yen (bus fare with a TicketsAvailable onBus/BoatOsaka Castle AreaRelaxing area with historical backgroundThe area centered on Osaka Castle is an ideal spot for enjoying the beautiful scenery of the four seasons—cherry blossoms in spring and plum blossoms in winter—despite lying at the heart of the city. Enjoy a relaxing, leisurely walk while admiring Osaka Castle.OSAKACASTLEMAP P38English, Chinese, Korean32

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