Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Official Guidebook

Opening of ocean beaches to swimmers(Tannowa Tokimeki Beach, Nishiki-no-hama Beach, etc.)July to August10Heisei Osaka Legend of the Milky Way(From Temma-bashi Bridge over the Okawa River to the Kitahama area)July 711Hoshiai Tanabata Festival (Osaka Temmangu Shrine)July 6, 7Ikukunitama Summer Festival (Ikukunitama Jinja Shrine)July 11, 1213Tenjin Matsuri Festival (Osaka Temmangu Shrine)July 24 (eve), 25 (main festival)14Sumiyoshi Matsuri Festival (Sumiyoshi-Taisha Shrine)July 30 (eve), 31 (annual festival)& August 1 (carrying of sacred palanquins)15Kagari no Bugaku (Shitennoji Temple)August 4Naniwa Yodogawa River Firework Display (in Osaka City)Early August16Osaka Takigi Noh (Ikukunitama Jinja Shrine)August 11, 12Kitamido Bon Festival Dance (Honganji Temple Tsumura-Betsuin)Mid- to late AugustAizen Festival (Aizendo Shomanin Temple)June 30 to July 29Grape picking in Habikino CityLate June to early August17In Osaka, many events are held throughout the year, including cherry blossom viewing, festivals, and illumination displays.* The period and content of events may be subject to change.12—Summer——109161291413171511Milky Way Project®3

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