Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Official Guidebook

This expansive amusement park with approximately 40 attractions opened over 100 years ago. Visitors can enjoy a giant pool called "The Boon” in summer, while in winter, activities include outdoor ice skating, playing in the snow, and viewing illuminations comprising more than 1,000,000 light bulbs. Many other seasonal events are held throughout the year.The exterior of the museum mirrors that of the Panasonic head ofce as it appeared in 1933. In the museum, you will discover a section that faithfully reproduces the house where the company’s business started, as well as an audio/video corner that introduces Konosuke Matsushita’s thoughts on management and his view of life with his own voice and actual images.Panasonic Konosuke Matsushita MuseumHirakata Park【1】Hirakata Koen-cho, Hirakata City 【2】Keihan Line: Hirakata-koen Sta. 【3】10:00–17:00 (hours vary depending on the season.) 【4】No scheduled holidays 【5】Adults (junior high school students or older): 1,400 yen; Elementary school students or younger (aged two years old or older): 800 yen * entrance fee only ☎072-844-3475【1】Oazakadoma, Kadoma City 【2】Keihan Line: Nishisanso Sta. 【3】9:00–17:00 【4】Sundays, holidays, year-end and New Year holidays 【5】Free ☎06-6906-0106【1】Katano City, etc. 【2】[Kurondo Park] JR Line: Kawachi-Iwafune Sta.; Keihan Line: Kisaichi Sta., [Hoshida Park] JR Line: Hoshida Sta.; Keihan Line: Kisaichi Sta., [Muroike Park] JR Line: Shijonawate Sta., [Kusaka Park] Kintetsu Line: Ishikiri Sta., [Nukata Park] Kintetsu Line: Nukata or Ishikiri Sta.; Kintetsu Ikoma Cable Car from Kintetsu Ikoma Sta. to Ikomasanjo Sta., [Narukawa Park] Kintetsu Line: Hiraoka or Hyotan-yama Sta., [Mizunomi Park] Kintetsu Line: Hattorigawa or Hyotan-yama Sta., [Chihaya Park] Nankai bus from Kintetsu or Nankai Kawachi-Nagano Sta. to Kongosan Ropeway-mae bus stop, [Horigo Park] Sennan City Community bus from JR Izumi-Sunagawa Sta. to Warazuhata bus stop 【5】Free (fees are charged for the use of certain facilities, etc.) ☎06-6266-1038 (Osaka Prefectural Corporation for Agricultural Land and Development and Greenery Environment Promotion), 072-485-0661 (Horigo Park “Satoyama no Shizen Gakko Kisen Waiwai Mura” only)Outdoor spots in the Kongo/Ikoma Mountain Range. Visitors can enjoy viewing seasonal landscapes and owers in all of the nine parks. Some nature parks have hiking trails, while others feature outdoor facilities, such as campsites and climbing walls.Osaka Prefectural Nature Parks(Kurondo, Hoshida, Muroike, Kusaka, Nukata, Narukawa, Mizunomi, Chihaya, and Horigo nature parks)English, Chinese, KoreaniEnglishY-1X-1Y-1・2,P58 S-3,U-3Wi-F iEastern Area of Osaka PrefectureArea of manufacturing with entertainment spots and historical sceneryLocated at the foot of the mountains ranging from Mt. Ikoma to Mt. Kongo, cities including Kadoma City, Moriguchi City, and Higashiosaka City are known as the headquarters of Osaka's monozukuri (Japanese-style manufacturing), with skilled artisans capable of manufacturing anything from screws to even articial satellites.Kita-Kawachi, Naka-KawachiMAP P59Hoshida ParkHoshida Park56

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