Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Official Guidebook

First shrine visits on New Year’s Day (Sumiyoshi-Taisha Shrine, etc.)From January 129Toka Ebisu (Imamiya-Ebisu Jinja Shrine, etc.)January 9 to 1130Osaka Women’s Marathon(in Osaka City)Late January32Peak period for plum blossom (Osaka Castle Park, etc.)Early February to late March33Osaka Tondo FestivalSenri Tenjin Shrine (Kamishindenten Shrine)January 14Sakai Cutlery Festival (Sakai City)Mid-FebruaryIllumination Night Expo Xmas(Expo ’70 Commemorative Park)Mid- to late December27New Year’s Eve bells (Taiyuji Temple, Shitennoji Temple, etc.)December 3128Mt. Kongo(Chihayaakasaka Village)December to FebruaryFestival of the Lights in Osaka (Nakanoshima, Mido-suji Ave., etc.)Late November to late January * Mido-suji Illumination was certied as a world record in 2014 for the street with the largest number of illuminated roadside trees decorated in the world.* Snow and frost-covered trees may be seen according to the time of the year.2631—Winter—* The period varies depending on the program.2730323331292826©Festival of the Lights in Osaka Executive CommitteeMido-suji Illumination 2016©SANKEI SHIMBUN5

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