Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Official Guidebook

Information Centers provide information on tourist spots in Osaka, as well as selling money-saving and convenient tickets for train and bus travel.Information Centers?Direct connection to stations, offering easy accessibility!Convenient and money-saving tickets available!(Osaka Amazing Pass)(Osaka Kaiyu Ticket)(Joyful Ticket in Suito Osaka)Offering all kinds of information on sightseeing in OsakaBrochures in foreign languages and English support availableTourist Information OSAKA[Open hours]7:00–23:00[Holidays]Open throughout the year[Language]English, Chinese, Korean[Brochure]English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplied ChineseNEWTo Namba CITYand Namba ParksTo Namba Stations on the subway, Kintetsu and Hanshin LinesInformationCenter NambaTo Namba Stationon the Nankai LineTo Mido-suji Ave.BankBankTo Namba Stations on the subway, Kintetsu and Hanshin LinesSwissôtelNankai OsakaTo SennichimaeTakashimaya Osaka StoreTourist Information NAMBA[Open hours]9:00–20:00[Holidays]January 1[Language]English[Brochure]English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplied ChineseOsaka is a powerful and enjoyable city full of welcoming people. We will make Osaka known to the world!To be openedin March 2017inside Travel ServiceCenter OSAKAMidosujiSouthGateStairway No. 8to subwayDaimaru UmedaSouth Central GateSouth GateTo underground oorsStairwayNo. 9 tosubwayMidosuji GateCentral concourseCentral GateMidosuji North GateNippon Travel AgencyTiS Osaka BranchLucua 1100LucuaCentral Ticket Oce(Ticket Reservation Oce)“Entrée marché,” a souvenirand conveniencestore(10:00–18:00 on December 31, and January 2 to 3)【1F, JR Osaka Station】【1F, Nankai Namba Station】Aiming to become one of the world’s top tourist cities, we have designed this logo with Osaka Castle, a symbol of Osaka, as a motif. Brilliant lights in the background of the logo symbolize Osaka shining in the world. This logo represents Osaka as a city full of energy, where tourists and residents actively interact with each other, as well as a city of history and culture by bringing to mind Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who was born in Osaka and succeeded in dominating the whole country in the Warring States Period.

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