Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Official Guidebook

Try konamon dishes!Konamon dishes are the soul food of Osakans!There are various types of konamon dishes (our-based dishes) in Osaka, which are inexpensive and quick to eat. Since konamon dishes taste quite different in each restaurant despite being the same type of dishes, it is fun to search for your favorite restaurant.Experience Osaka’s Dashi culture!Taste Osaka Dashi, the root of Osaka food.Dashi, the root of Osaka food culture, brings out the avor of ingredients and adds richness to dishes. In Osaka, a blend of broth made from Japanese kelp, especially giant kelp, and bonito akes is popular.Try some sweets!A variety of Japanese-style and Western-style sweets sold in OsakaOsaka's famous specialty sweet is not only Okoshi (millet-and rice cakes). In Osaka, famous for its abundant food, there are many Japanese-style confectionery stores as well. In particular, a variety of Japanese-style confectionery and dumplings are sold in Sakai City, an area noted in connection to Sen no Rikyu, a tea master. You can also enjoy Western-style cakes, including Osaka’s original Swiss rolls.Meals served at Japanese-style restaurantsPour plenty of sauce on thefreshly grilledokonomiyaki.Osakans love konamon dishes. There are many restaurants dedicated to konamon dishes. The owners of each restaurant take their own toppings and dough very seriously, so you will have fun comparing the taste of okonomiyaki offered by different restaurants. The okonomiyaki you grill will taste especially good. Stir the dough well and quickly, grill both sides of the okonomiyaki until brown, and pour plenty of sauce on it, and then you can really enjoy your own okonomiyaki!Thrilling and ExcitingTry turning over okonomiyaki!If you want to enjoy the Dashi culture to the fullest, we recommend that you eat meals served at Japanese-style restaurants, which originated in Osaka. “Washoku” (Japanese cuisine) with its elegant presentations will make you feel the sheer pride and joy the chef places in his cuisine.You can enjoy the authentic avor of Dashi by eating udon noodles. Don’t miss kitsune udon noodles (udon noodles topped with salty sweet deep-fried tofu), which originated in Osaka.Choose yourfavoritetoppings.7

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