Kaizuka City Tourist Information 'Idle Kaizuka'/'Kaizuka Brand Shop'

Kaizuka City Tourist Information Idle Kaizuka/Kaizuka Brand Shop
OUTLINE The tourist information facility at the East entrance of Kaizuka Station on the Nankai Main Line moved approximately 30m to it's current location in July 2009. In addition to the already established tourist information, the move came with the establishment of the "Kaizuka Brand Shop" which offers local good and showcases/sells local specialties from Kaizuka. The facility also accepts applications for those interested in tours of Kaizuka's scenic and historic places from volunteer tour guides.
ADDRESS 〒597-0083
130 Umizuka, Kaizuka City, Osaka
OPEN HOURS 9:00am-4:00pm
HOLIDAY Tuesdays, New Year Holidays
TRANSPORTATION A short walk from Kaizuka Station on the Naikai Main Line
INQUIRIES TEL:072-432-1244  FAX:072-432-1244