Roadside Station Chikatsuasukanosato Taishi

Roadside Station Chikatsuasukanosato Taishi
OUTLINE Roadside Station Chikatsuasukanosato Taishi is a place for travel information for those en route to Mt. Nijyou. Everyday all types of cars pull in here one after the other; most travelers are families with children. One can find pamphlets and maps here introducing the local area; reassuring for those who have lost their way. You can also find fresh agricultural products--so fresh the soil is still on them--at great prices supplied by the local farmers, as well as a range of seasonal fruits which are unavailable elsewhere. There are also a number of other things including wine and locally made confectionery. If you're visiting Taishichou, why not drop in.
ADDRESS 〒583-0992
2265-1Yamada, Taishicho, Minamikawachi District, Osaka
OPEN HOURS Information desk: 9:00am-17:00pm
Everything else (parking, toilets, vending machines): 24hrs
HOLIDAY New Years Holidays
TRANSPORTATION Catch the Kongo Bus from either Kishi Sta. or Kaminotaishi Sta. (Kintetsu Minami Osaka Line), then 10 min walk from Rokumaebashi Bus Stop. Required time from Osaka Station: 60min
INQUIRIES TEL:0721-98-2786  FAX:0721-80-2106