Why Osaka?

Known for its modernity and tradition in harmony, Osaka, a mega-city with nearly nine million people, has always been a magnet for those in search for new discoveries. Here are six reasons why Osaka is your ideal destination.

1. Excellent Access

Reaching Osaka is easier than ever thanks to Kansai International Airport (KIX), which provides direct service to 73 cities in 27 countries and regions (2013 winter schedule). The KIX is also conveniently accessible to downtown Osaka within 30 minutes by train.

2. Top-notch Meeting Facilities and Accommodations

Osaka is equipped with first-class meeting and event facilities, including the state-of-the-art Osaka International Convention Center, Osaka Central Public Hall, and INTEX Osaka, Asia-Pacific Trade Center, and Kyocera Osaka Dome.

3. Diversity of sightseeing attractions: center of World Heritage sites

Having been the center of economic and cultural development for many centuries, Osaka has many traditional and modern sightseeing attractions. One of Osaka's greatest advantages is its proximity to the World Heritage sites scattered in the neighboring prefectures of Kyoto, Nara, Hyogo and Wakayama.

4. Enchanting Cuisine and Delightful Shopping

Known for its rich food culture, Osaka has been a gourmet paradise offering the best from land and sea. Shopping is also a delight in Osaka.

5. Competitive, Safe and Friendly City

Japan is not as expensive as you may think. Prices are extremely stable; airfares and hotel rates are globally competitive. Japan is also outstandingly safe, and a vast majority of Japanese people are extremely honest. People in Osaka are known for their friendliness and big hearts.

6. Professional assistance and support service by OGTB

With our friendly and professional attitudes, attention to detail, and absolute commitment to providing top quality service, the Osaka Government Tourism Bureau (OGTB) will help you organize an unforgettable event.

Support for meetings

The Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau offers various types of assistance for those who wish to hold a conference in Osaka.

1. Designing the conference

We can help you from the very beginning. No worries are necessary even if it is the first international conference you are hosting. We can help you from the very beginning; starting off from the basic planning, obtaining the estimate of expenses, and making arrangements for venue and accommodations. Also providing necessary information to relevant international organizations and coordinating site inspection tours is a part of our job as well. Full support from the preparation to the actual staging of the conference is what we provide. Such wide-range and strong support is possible because we have strong ties with Osaka's convention halls and hotels, and with government offices and private organizations.

  • We will make proposals for venues and accommodations that match the purpose of the conference, along with the estimate of cost.
  • Coordinate a site inspection of the proposed venue, hotel or reception hall.
  • Introduce travel agencies and conference organizers such as the Professional Congress Organizer (PCO).
  • Make contacts with international organizations and help invite key persons from overseas. Make arrangements for an official invitation letter from the Governor of Osaka Prefecture. And cooperating in producing material for overseas presentation is also a part of our service.

2. Financial assistance

For those considering holding a conference in Osaka, we offer the following services.

  • Provide general information on convention facilities, hotels, etc.
  • Help to obtain conference pricing.
  • Provide or lend photos, slides or videos to promote Osaka.
  • Help to create a bid proposal.
  • Arrange to obtain an official invitation letter from the prefectural governments.
  • Coordinate a site inspection for convention organizers and meeting planners.
  • Cooperate on promotional activities including bidding presentation.

We can also recommend convention facilities, hotels and other sites, offer convention rates for accommodation, introduce PCOs/DMCs and travel agents, introduce other convention-related service providers, provide subsidies to hold a conference and liaise with prefectural governments.

3. PR and Publicity

To increase the number of registrants or to increase the participants of open lectures for citizens.

  • Provide and/or lend photos, slides, posters or videos for circulars, posters or websites for the conference.
  • Cooperate with publicity campaigns (promote press releases, etc.)
  • Provide pictures of Osaka's tourist spots for the invitation and the registration form on the web page and other various PR media. Provide videos, posters and brochures for advance PR, especially in overseas countries.

4. Support for operating the conference: How can we help in having the guests enjoy the event?

There are many socializing events besides the main conference such as receptions, live experience tours for accompanying persons, sightseeing tours, and closing ceremony. We will work together with the people of our local network for these socializing events to make them memorable ones for the participants.

A) Hand out up to 500 copies of the free sightseeing maps of the city to the participants. (Postage to be paid by the applicant)

B) You can enjoy hosting a convention by using the "Convention Supporting System". Available types of services are listed below.

  • Sending "Fukumusume (Daughters of Happiness)" from Imamiya Ebisu Shrine. *Schedule needs to be arranged beforehand for Fukumusume and for the performance of local entertainment by volunteers, please make an early application.
  • Sending the "Kimono Ladies" * The ladies will greet the guests at reception.
  • Offering specialties of Osaka (Japanese sake, wine, etc.)
  • Support hosting of attractions

Conditions to be met to apply for the "Convention Supporting System"

  • More than 50 overseas registrants are required.
  • Conference needs to be held for more than 3 days.
  • A total number of 200 registrants are necessary to invite "Fukumusume" for an event.

C) Introduce interpreters and voluntary tour guides.

D) Make plans for tours before and after the convention, and programs for accompanying persons. We can arrange a wide variety of events, such as demonstrations of local entertainment, by using our ties with the local community.

After Conventions

Addition to the high quality of convention facilities, Osaka is proud of its fulfilling after-convention entertainment. People gather here from all over to this city which is the source of rich culture, tradition and fashion. Needless to say Osaka has an air of enthusiasm and has so much to offer. Come and experience Osaka for yourselves. Here, we recommend major tourist spots of Osaka, model courses, hot Springs, programs for spouse and etc. Courses are planned to meet the needs of various types of tourists, such as single persons, groups of tourists and families.

Recommended spots

Osaka provides a dramatic setting for your visit that is sure to be filled with discovery. Abundance of originality, laughter, friendly people and delicious food are just some of the features awaiting you. Whether it is exciting things to do, places to have fun, or things to learn - you can't have enough because there is always something new. Osaka is truly one of Japan's greatest international tourist cities. Here are some of those recommended spots;

  • Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
  • Osaka Castle
  • Herbis Ent
  • The National Museum of Art, Osaka
  • National Bunraku Theater
  • Hozenjiyokocho
  • Sumiyoshitaisha Grand Shrine
  • Minoh Quasi National Park

Recommended Model Courses

Going shopping and trying out the food at various restaurants, visiting museums and art galleries, strolling around the Uemachidaichi Plateau, which is full of Osaka's historical and cultural sites, enjoying traditional performing arts, visiting classical buildings; these are all part of the courses that you can search and choose by theme. Please refer to the estimated time of course duration, admission fees, and type of course. Information on gourmet spots and souvenirs are provided by the locals, together with each course.

Corporate Museums and Factory Tours

Osaka is a city that has fostered workmanship for many years. Various types of corporate museums are scattered around Osaka. Types of museums include those for machinery, metal, food, drinks, electric appliances, bio, and robots, which have attracted attention lately. They all make you realize the close connection between Osaka and workmanship. Some companies offer study tours of their factories or opportunities to experience the manufacturing of products. Why don't you experience one?

Hot Springs

Japan, a volcanic archipelago, is well known for the numerous hot springs found throughout the country. Hot springs with various mineral compositions are often used for medical purposes. There are many Japanese inns and hotels built near hot springs that have developed into large-scale resort complexes. Open air hot springs called "rotenburo" give a bather complete relaxation.

Within 30 minutes to one hour from downtown Osaka, there are dozens of hot springs located along the valley or at the foot of the mountain. You can relax in the quiet natural settings served with delicious meals. Major hot springs in Osaka are;

  • Settsu Gorge Hot Spring (Takatsuki City)
  • Fushio Hot Spring (Ikeda City)
  • Ishikiri Hot Spring (Higashi Osaka City)
  • Minoh Hot Spring (Minoh City)
  • Ichinoyu Hot Spring (Kanan Town)
  • Amami Hot Spring (Kawachinagano City)
  • Okumizuma Hot Spring (Kaizuka City)
  • Taishi Hot Spring (Taishi Town)
  • Nagano Hot Spring (Kawachinagano City)
  • Ushitaki Hot Spring (Kishiwada City)
  • Inunakisan Hot Spring (Izumisano City)

Beyond Osaka, there are other famous hot springs such as Shirahama Spa, Katsuura Spa (both in Wakayama Prefecture), Arima Spa, Kinosaki Spa (both in Hyogo Prefecture), and Yunohana Spa (in Kyoto Prefecture).

Spouse Programs

The OGTB offers a wide selection of spouse programs that enable the participants of meetings and incentives alike to experience Japanese culture on first-hand. The selected programs are;

Noh or Kyogen Workshop

Noh is the oldest extant theater art in the world with more than 600 years of tradition, while Kyogen is the comedy theater. You can learn and experience these traditional arts through the organized workshop.

City Tour and Shopping

The City's Minami (South) district is full of real Osaka color with busy shopping streets and popular gourmet arcades.

Museum Tour

Major museums include the Museum of Oriental Ceramics, the National Museum of Ethnology, the National Museum of Art, the Maritime Museum, the Science Museum, and Osaka Museum of History. The Museum of Oriental Ceramics has the largest collection of oriental ceramics in the world.

Sushi, Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki making

Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki are Osaka's specialties. The number of restaurants serving Okonomiyaki in Osaka is as many as 4,000, the biggest in Japan. Try not only to taste it, but also make one!

Zen meditation at Katsuoji Temple

The history of Katsuo-ji Temple is marked by faith in the winner's luck, to be a winner in every aspect of life. Situated in the Minoh Quasi-national Park, the temple can offer you a quiet moment to meditate.

Bay and River Cruise - Running through Osaka

Osaka is known as a water metropolis. From the deck of an open-roofed cruiser will give you a fresh perspective and a close-up view of historical and lively Osaka.

Flower Arrangement, Tea Ceremony and Kimono fitting

Experience traditional culture such as flower arrangement, tea ceremony and kimono fitting on first-hand. Enjoying these activities will lead you to greater understanding of the Japanese culture.