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The OSAKA FILM COUNCIL was established in February 2000 in collaboration with the Osaka Prefectural Government, Osaka Municipal Government and Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry--representing the regional administration and business world--as the very first film commission in Japan. The Council has been making every effort to contribute to smooth and effective filmmaking in Osaka, by not only introducing suitable locations but also helping provide the required staff, equipment, hotel accommodation and transportation facilities. Osaka extends a hearty welcome to filmmakers visiting Osaka to shoot their films.

Features the OSAKA FILM COUNCIL has supported

Features the OSAKA FILM COUNCIL has supported

Filming Special features of the area

  • Osaka holds a large number of companies in the filiming business. Most of the equipment/staff necessary for shooting can be obtained easily.
  • Osaka has a range of diverse locations. From Osaka signature spots and urban buildings to the natural scenery of mountains and the sea, all locations are assembled in a compact layout.
  • The film council has over 9,000 registered volunteer extras.

Filming location selection

In cooperation with local governments in the prefecture and private companies with location services, such as railway companies, Osaka itself is a support network. If a suitable location spot cannot be found anywhere in the city, an alternative location can be provided through information exchange.

Recent Business

  • Movie "Princess Toyotomi"
  • 200m of a 4-lane thoroughfare in Osaka city was completely closed off for 13 hours, and shooting was carried out with over 5,000 volunteer extras in one night.


A Database of Facilities and Landscapes in Osaka for Film Shooting can be accessed on the Osaka Film Council website (

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