Kirara kujo Shopping Street

Kirara kujo Shopping Street
Outline Kujo still maintains the atmosphere of downtown of old time, for it somehow escaped the air raids during the war. Recently built Kyocera Dome (former Osaka Baseball Park) made this place a well-known spot. Stretches for 600m at the west side of Kujo Station of Subway Chuo Line. About 150 shops include, restaurants, grocery, women’s and Men’s clothing, kids clothing, books. Name of the arcade “Kirara” was collected from the public when the place was refurbished 10 years ago. Kirara is reminiscent of mica which was used for making mirrors in olden times, and space. People of the shopping promenade provide various services to the customers when the Orix Buffaloes baseball team plays at its home ground Kyocera Dome. Kujo Festival is a famous summer attraction.

Transportation short walk from “Kujo Station” of Subway Chuo Line
Address 〒550-0027 3-12-14 Kujo Nishi-ku Osaka
Open Hours Different by a store
Holidays Different by a store