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Outline The Tsutenkaku is a new structure, rebuilt after World War II. The original Tsutenkaku was built in 1912, and it shocked the people of that era; with a height of 64 meters, it was the tallest structure in the Orient. It was also one of the two great attractions of Shin-Sekai at that time, the other being Luna Park, an amusement park with an area of more than 132,000 square meters. Eventually the Tsutenkaku, which reminded local residents of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, became the symbol of Osaka. But then in 1943 a fire broke out in the tower, and it was later dismantled to supply steel to the wartime economy. After various difficulties were overcome, the long-awaited new Tsutenkaku was erected in 1956.

Address 〒556-0002 1-18-6 Ebisuhigashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka City
Open hours
Open hours
Holiday Open year-round
Transportation Subway Sakaisuji-Line Ebisucho Sta,Dobutsuenmae Sta
Admission Fee Adult 600 yen, university student 500 yen, medium- and high-levels student 400 yen, dwarf 300 yen
Inquiries TEL:06-6641-9555 FAX:06-6641-9559