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Takatsuki Kashida Onsen (Takatsuki Forest Center)

Takatsuki Kashida Onsen (Takatsuki Forest Center)
Outline The Takatsuki Forest Center, managed by the Osaka Prefecture Forest Owners Association, is a hands-on facility to savor nature in the mountains. The center has an accommodation facility, restaurant, craft center, and shiitake mushroom center, as well as the recreational space Yamabiko-no-mori (echo forest). Kashida Onsen (hot spring) is located in this center. Kashida Onsen features a comfortable spacious bath decorated with natural rocks, and is popular among people who want to achieve smooth skin. Admiring the lush scenery from the bath, guests can feel as if they were taking a relaxing walk in the forest. Fireflies can be observed in summer. Another notable point about Kashida Onsen is that its water is heated with wood pellet fuel made from timber derived from forest thinning, and this hot spring is the first of its kind in Japan. Kashida Onsen adopts the motto “more comfortable, more environmentally friendly.” The hot spring’s water is colorless and smooth.

Address 〒569-1002  2 Koaza Matodani, Oaza Tano, Takatsuki City, Osaka Pref.
Open hours
Open hours
11:00 - 21:00
Transportation Take a city bus for Kashida at the north exit of JR Takatsuki Sta.; get off at Shinrin Center-mae bus stop.
Admission Fee Adult: JPY600, Elementary student: JPY400, Children of under elementary school age: JPY200
Parking space for 130 cars
Inquiries TEL:072-688-9400 FAX:072-688-9410