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Outline Midosuji is Osaka’s main thoroughfare, stretching approximately 4 km between Umeda and Namba. Opened in 1937, it was designed with foresight into the city’s development in the subsequent 100 years: since the time it was created, all of Midosuji’s power lines were located underground, some 800 ginkgo trees were planted, and building height was limited to 30 m. These features have always made Midosuji stand out as a visually pleasing main avenue. Nowadays the restriction on building height has been relaxed to 50 m, and the street is packed with commercial and office buildings. Especially crammed is the area around Minami: the shopping and entertainment avenues of Shinsaibashi-Suji and Ebisubashi-Suji run parallel (north-south) to Midosuji immediately to its east, and these are crisscrossed by business streets and fashion streets that run east-west at Minami Semba and America-Mura. A recent addition to Midosuji are 27 sculptures by well-known Japanese and overseas artists that provide pleasant distraction to passers-by. These include works by Henry Moore, August Rodin, best known for his la pensée, and Kotaro Takamura. Every year in October the avenue hosts the Midosuji Parade, where some 15,000 people parade, drawing about one million spectators. It is one of Osaka’s major events that adds international flavor to the city.

Address Area from Kita-ku to Chuo-ku, Osaka City
Transportation From Namba Sta. to Umeda Sta. of the Subway Midosuji Line
Inquiries TEL:06-6932-1421