Cutting-edge fashion, cute novelty items, goods of the highest luxury….Osaka provides shopaholics with an irresistible experience where there really is something for everyone. While it’s almost impossible to find a single street without shops selling beautifully crafted goods, there are some areas that are famous for being shopping destinations.

Osaka Station City has become the symbol of the Kita area. This entertainment quarter has four department stores, Grand Front Osaka, a large cinema complex and a giant appliance store. And being just a stone’s throw from Osaka Station, you can simply step off the train and start shopping.

One of Osaka’s major commercial hubs, Minami combines a number of distinct areas that each offer something unique. In one small area alone you can find the wide boulevard of Midosuji Street lined with luxury brands, the Horie neighborhood with unique boutiques and interior decorating shops and youthful America-mura (American Village) packed with street fashion. Even further south at Tennoji and Abeno, large and vibrant shopping malls have been built right beside the train stations for the easiest shop in, shop out experience.

Market Atmosphere
Over time, Osaka has become famous for being the boisterous port town where merchants hawk their wares on the streets to passers by. This market atmosphere is alive and well and can be found at a number of shopping streets such as Tenjinbashisuji Shotengai, one of Japan’s longest shopping streets, and the unique Sennichimae Doguyasuji where you can find anything related to kitchens. Also not to be missed is Nipponbashi Denden Town, which specializes in electrical appliances. To help you get started, use our search tool or browse a list of shops below.


DOTON PLAZA provides a shuttle service between Kansai International Airport (DOTON PISTON BUS) along with currency exchange and a baggage keep service.


Fusing the enjoyment of 'playing, learning, and discovering.'

Morishige Doll Shop, Uchi Kyuhoji Shop

This is one of Osaka's leading doll shops of long standing, where doll coordinator Heian Shunpo produces original brands of dolls.

LUCUA 1100

A new commercial establishment, "LUCUA 1100," made its grand opening on April 2 (Thu), 2015 next to the popular fashion mall LUCUA! As one of Japan's biggest in-station commercial facilities, it serves as a fashion mall possessing the benefits of specialty stores combined with those of a department store!

Folli Follie Shinsaibashi Shop

On the concept of "affordable and fashionable luxury", this shop offers such fashion accessories as jewelry, watches and bags at affordable prices.

Katayama Photo Studio

This time-honored photo studio is the supplier of photo postcards sold at the Osaka Castle Museum. Take a photo of your precious moment at its full-scale studio.

allys hair Shinsaibashi OPA

"allys hair Shinsaibashi OPA" is a hair salon known for its hairstyling for various fashion shows and magazines.

grace by afloat

"grace by afloat" is a hair salon founded through collaboration of AFLOAT in Aoyama, Tokyo and FORCISE Group.

Shinsaibashi Hozenji Arare

Founded in 1920, this is one of Osaka's well-established specialty shop of rice crackers. Its products make a perfect souvenir of Osaka as well as a gift, made by using Japanese paddy-field sticky rice grown by contract farmers and processed by skilled artisans.


This is a directly managed store of a maker of men's and women's shoes, which is committed to hand manufacturing in Japan. Customers can relax and make choices in a spacious salon-like environment.

Sonezaki Ohatsutenjin-dori Shotengai

As an approach to Tsuyuno Tenjinsha Shrine, where the famous "Sonezaki Shinju (Love Suicide in Sonezaki)" took place. this shopping street has about 100 shops and restaurants of various sizes and serves as an arcade with friendly atmosphere in Umeda area in the Kita district of Osaka.


This commercial establishment is located in the Nishi-Umeda area of Osaka, on the same premises as HILTON OSAKA hotel. It contains restaurants, cafes and bars, as well as such premium brand shops as Hermès.


SPOTAKA is a general sports store located on the B1F and B2F of Shinsaibashi BIGSTEP, which suggests new sporting styles to customers with its complete selection of sporting goods.

pipin’s work

A small house sits in a place with a stream, mountains and fields, and that is a fancy little shop of eraser stamps and sundry goods.


The beauty of the Public Hall, an architectural masterpiece, has been captured on postcards! Send them to your families or friends while traveling in Osaka.

Hanshin Department Store

Hanshin Department Store is known for its rich variety of foods. Its Food Hall on the 1st Basement Floor, as well as the HANSHIN Tigers Shop on the 8th Floor, are always crowded with customers.


We sell fresh vegetables and processed food daily delivered from the producers.

Kirindo Pharmacy in Herbis Osaka on fourth floor

A dispensing pharmacy coping with many symptoms and located at right next to the facility which is consisting of various clinics.


We are offering more than 200 kinds of Tsukudani (preserved food boiled down in soy sauce) including the fermented kelp called "Maikon" and originally created Tsukudani.

Torame Yokocho

Consisting of a row of various unique restaurants located in the Ura-Namba district where has gained attetion as a trendy spot.

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