Beckoning cat of Hatsutatsu mairi

Beckoning cat of Hatsutatsu mairi

OPEN HOURSApr.~Sep.:6:00~17:00

The practice of Hatsutatsu mairi describes visiting shrines of the Sumiyoshitaisha on the first 'dragon' day of the month. The belief is that those who visit these shrines 48 times will have their wishes fulfilled. Many people make their visits for the success of business or for the safety of family life. A small figure of a beckoning cat is popular among visitors and is said to invite fortune. After worshipers collect 48 cats they be rewarded with a bigger beckoning cat figure.

ADDRESS 〒558-0045 2-9-89 Sumiyoshi Sumiyoshi-ku Osaka
HOLIDAY 3 minutes walk from “Sumiyoshitaisha Station” of Nankai Line, 5 minutes walk from “Sumiyoshi Higashi Station” of Nankai Koya Line, a short walk from “Sumiyoshi Torii-mae Station” of Hankai Line, 2 minutes walk from “Sumiyoshi Koen Station”.
INQUIRIES TEL : 06-6672-0753 FAX : 06-6672-0753