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Enjoy Osakaとは

Osaka is full of fascination.

At present, however, Osaka doesn’t attract many tourists for sightseeing, and most of them only visit very famous, standard spots.
Then, we created this website “Enjoy Osaka” to present attractive but unknown places, hoping that more people visit more places in Osaka.

In the process of production, we focused on listening to fresh voice of people from abroad, so that we could introduce Osaka as an appealing place for people overseas.

To begin with, we conducted a survey asking 1,335 tourists from abroad who visited Osaka, in the form of questionnaire about things and places they thought were attractive in Osaka.
Next, after making an analysis of the survey, we met as many as 187 people from 34 countries, who live in Osaka and know the city well, to hear their opinion. Every one of them talked enthusiastically about Osaka. We really thank them.

Through these surveys, we came in sight of the lure of Osaka that we had overlooked. We realized that the Osaka that attracts people from overseas attracts us, who are Japanese, as well.

We created this website through a lot of discussion among the staff, based on the opinions we had got. This site is filled with passions for Osaka, of us, and of the people who cooperated.

We all hope that the readers of this “Enjoy Osaka” will find a different type of fascination in Osaka and more people will visit Osaka.