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Northern Osaka An area near Osaka City which is popular with many spots where you can enjoy nature easily.
Minami Kawachi With the pastoral landscape that reflects the atmosphere of ancient times, this area is full of historical assets.
Eastern Osaka An area surrounded with rivers and mountains at the foot of Ikoma Mountains. There are many spots that have an extensive view.
Minami Senshu Kansai International Airport, the air gateway to Osaka, is in this area. Kishiwada Danjiri Festival is really spectacular.
Sakai / Semboku With Emperor Nintoku’s tomb, which brings the feeling of ancient times, and traditional handicrafts and culture, which are well preserved in modern life, there are many things to see.
Kita With modern tall buildings and underground shopping arcades, this fashionable town is convenient for shopping and dining.
Bay Area Waterfront area with a lot of amusement facilities where you can enjoy yourself all day.
Nakanoshima Area The landscape with parks and rivers symbolize the Aquapolis Osaka. There are retro buildings scattered around.
Tennoji / Shinsekai Shitennoji Temple was built by Prince Shotoku. Exotic Shinsekai town is a symbol of Naniwa.
Minami Known as a big bustling restaurant area that attracts young people. There is an alley with a nostalgic atmosphere as well.
Osaka Castle / Tsurumi-ryokuchi Park Centered with Osaka Castle, the symbol of history and culture of Osaka, it serves as a downtown oasis that provides lush greenery.

Northern Osaka

Take a little trip from the center of Osaka City, and enjoy various activities in nature at Hattori Rhokuchi and Expo Park, Expo Park has the famous “The Tower of the Sun” as the symbol of the Expo Park and the National Museum of Ethnology is worth visiting there. In Minoh Quasi-national Park, going further north, you can enjoy dynamic scenery of the gorge and the fall in nature.

The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum

  • 体験する
  • 楽しむ

I enjoyed the experience of making my own cup noodle there. You have choices like whether you include pork extract or not so you can make one for Muslim people. It was also good that I could design the picture on my own cup.

Dewi Kusrini (30s) From Indonesia

Meiji-no-mori Mino Quasi-national Park (Mino Waterfall)

  • 自然に触れる

It was so nice that I could feel the natural riches of mountains and rivers. I saw monkeys on the roadside trees when I was walking to the fall. I hadn't seen wild monkeys in Europe so I was surprised when I could see wild monkeys so close.

Johannes Kiener (29) From Austria

Minoh Hot Spring (Minoh Onsen Spa Garden)

  • 体験する

I sometimes have a one-day trip to Minoh Onsen to be relaxed and refreshed. I like my skin being smooth like silk. It's easy to get there by train and autumn foliage are very beautiful, too.

Ayaka (20s) From China

Hattori Ryokuchi

  • 自然に触れる

The park is big and relaxing. I recommend visiting here in September. The cosmos flowers are extremely beautiful in autumn.

Trevor in Osaka (42) From UK        

Nagatani terraced paddy fields

  • 自然に触れる

I have visited here twice. The sight of rice fields and forests full of nature reminds me of the TV cartoon “Once Upon a Time in Japan.” As Osaka city is full of artificial things, this sight is very fresh.

Nan (27) From Thailand

Suntory Yamazaki Distillery

  • 体験する
  • 見る

My friend, who loves whisky, took me there. It was nice that I could broaden my view on whisky. You can buy whisky at the souvenir shop.

Jacques Le Francais (23) From France

Satsukiyama Park

  • 自然に触れる
  • 見る

Seasonal landscapes, such as that of azalea blossoms or autumn colors are beautiful.

Hong Mira (40s) From South Korea

the National Museum of Ethnology

  • 歴史・文化を知る

There are a lot of things to see there, such as ethnic costumes and masks from different parts of the world. It was fun that I could learn the culture of different countries.

Leotard Benjamin (23) From France

Katsuoji Temple

  • 歴史・文化を知る
  • 自然に触れる

It has large premises and a beautiful landscape. In autumn you can see various colors of foliage and the seasons of green leaves is beautiful and soothing.

Dewi Kusrini (30s) From Indonesia

Expo Park

  • 体験する
  • 自然に触れる

I got on the cool and modern monorail to get there, where there are splendid traditional Japanese gardens in four different types. I often go there to take photos.

Koga Michel (35) From Brazil

Asahi Beer Suita Factory

  • 体験する
  • 見る

It was an enjoyable experience for me, who like factory tours. I was impressed at how great Japan's factories are while watching the manufacturing process of beer.

Letelier From El Salvador