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Northern Osaka An area near Osaka City which is popular with many spots where you can enjoy nature easily.
Minami Kawachi With the pastoral landscape that reflects the atmosphere of ancient times, this area is full of historical assets.
Eastern Osaka An area surrounded with rivers and mountains at the foot of Ikoma Mountains. There are many spots that have an extensive view.
Minami Senshu Kansai International Airport, the air gateway to Osaka, is in this area. Kishiwada Danjiri Festival is really spectacular.
Sakai / Semboku With Emperor Nintoku’s tomb, which brings the feeling of ancient times, and traditional handicrafts and culture, which are well preserved in modern life, there are many things to see.
Kita With modern tall buildings and underground shopping arcades, this fashionable town is convenient for shopping and dining.
Bay Area Waterfront area with a lot of amusement facilities where you can enjoy yourself all day.
Nakanoshima Area The landscape with parks and rivers symbolize the Aquapolis Osaka. There are retro buildings scattered around.
Tennoji / Shinsekai Shitennoji Temple was built by Prince Shotoku. Exotic Shinsekai town is a symbol of Naniwa.
Minami Known as a big bustling restaurant area that attracts young people. There is an alley with a nostalgic atmosphere as well.
Osaka Castle / Tsurumi-ryokuchi Park Centered with Osaka Castle, the symbol of history and culture of Osaka, it serves as a downtown oasis that provides lush greenery.


Massive, ostentatious advertising signs in the Dotonbori area draw attention. Bustling shopping streets, Shinsaibashi-suji and Ebisubashi-suji, run north-south and restaurants in this area attract a lot of people. In this area are also different kinds of old and new towns including trendsetting America-Mura and Horie, atmospheric Hozenji Yokocho alley, Doguya-suji, an arcade of many kitchen instrument shops.

Shinsaibashi-suji Shotengai

  • 買い物する
  • 食べる

More and more shops have signboards in Chinese and shop clerks speak Chinese recently, which is convenient for Chinese shoppers. There are numerous restaurants in this street. Especially I love all-you-can-eat shops for sushi and pizza.

Zhang Wanyi (28) From China

Hozenji Yokocho

  • 食べる

Its narrow alley is paved with stones and filled with nostalgic and relaxing atmosphere.

Zita (30s) From Hungary

National Bunraku Theatre

  • 歴史・文化を知る
  • 見る

I saw a classical Japanese dance performance and a Japanese play there. What amazed me was the consistency of the story and the background on the stage. I think it's great that traditional culture is preserved well in Japan.

Sekimura shogo (20) From China

Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum

  • 歴史・文化を知る
  • 見る

To see Japanese traditional paintings is a precious experience.

Ge Yun (29) From China

Tombori Riverwalk

  • 楽しむ

You can see from the boat the buildings on both sides of the river and many people walking. I was interested in watching them and to be watched as well. There are many bridges too. Your legs might get heavy as you walk a lot while sightseeing. So I think it is a good idea to go sightseeing on this boat, so you can sit and watch the sights.

Hwang Minsoo (24) From South Korea


  • 楽しむ
  • 買い物する
  • 食べる

Walking around this area will give you the essence of Osaka. You can experience the cooking of okonomiyaki by yourself.

Eduardo Mira Batista (56) From Portugal

Namba Parks

  • 自然に触れる
  • 買い物する
  • 食べる

I think it's great that the building is abundant in flowers and greenery though the building is located in the middle of a big city. It also has movie theaters and many shops so I recommend it for a date.

Li Yufang (25) From China

Ebisubashisuji Shopping Street

  • 買い物する
  • 食べる

I think it's the most convenient place for shopping. I frequent there because there are many types of shops including "fast-fashion" shops. The transportation is also very convenient. I do everything in this area, dining with friends, buying clothes or books.

Chen Jinxin From China

Kuromon Ichiba

  • 買い物する
  • 食べる

A lot of fresh sea foods are sold here. I also see many food materials that I have never seen before. You'll get satisfied while just looking.

Lam Tsz Kwan (22) From China

America-mura (American Village)

  • 買い物する
  • 食べる

Filled with clubs and shops, it's definitely a town for young people. Many shops there are small and private run and sell unique clothes, which you won't get bored of looking at.

LYY (20) From China