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Northern Osaka An area near Osaka City which is popular with many spots where you can enjoy nature easily.
Minami Kawachi With the pastoral landscape that reflects the atmosphere of ancient times, this area is full of historical assets.
Eastern Osaka An area surrounded with rivers and mountains at the foot of Ikoma Mountains. There are many spots that have an extensive view.
Minami Senshu Kansai International Airport, the air gateway to Osaka, is in this area. Kishiwada Danjiri Festival is really spectacular.
Sakai / Semboku With Emperor Nintoku’s tomb, which brings the feeling of ancient times, and traditional handicrafts and culture, which are well preserved in modern life, there are many things to see.
Kita With modern tall buildings and underground shopping arcades, this fashionable town is convenient for shopping and dining.
Bay Area Waterfront area with a lot of amusement facilities where you can enjoy yourself all day.
Nakanoshima Area The landscape with parks and rivers symbolize the Aquapolis Osaka. There are retro buildings scattered around.
Tennoji / Shinsekai Shitennoji Temple was built by Prince Shotoku. Exotic Shinsekai town is a symbol of Naniwa.
Minami Known as a big bustling restaurant area that attracts young people. There is an alley with a nostalgic atmosphere as well.
Osaka Castle / Tsurumi-ryokuchi Park Centered with Osaka Castle, the symbol of history and culture of Osaka, it serves as a downtown oasis that provides lush greenery.

Eastern Osaka

From the top of Mt. Ikoma, which lies on the border of Nara and Osaka Prefecture, you can enjoy a splendid view of the Kawachi Plain. In the Osaka Prefectural Nature Park Hoshida, the huge suspension bridge “Swing of Star” is worth visiting. On the approach to Ishikiri Shrine, famous as a deity of dembo (tumors and boils), shops of antique products, foods and fortune tellers stand side by side.

Hirakata Park

  • 体験する
  • 楽しむ
  • 自然に触れる

We often visit there because we can always have a relaxing time even with little children. Shows of anime characters are often held and our children like it very much.

Ayaka (20s) From China

Mitsui Outlet Park Osaka Tsurumi

  • 買い物する

I often visit this shopping mall because there are some brand stores I like. It's a convenient place to purchase things and eat at the same place.

Ayaka (20s) From China

Minamo Kairo

  • 歴史・文化を知る

There is a replica of 'Sanjikkoku bune,' a small rice carrier cargo boat in the small, nicely paved park. You can relax and feel calm.

Koka (32) From China

Post Town Hirakata Kagiya Museum

  • 歴史・文化を知る

I felt like I was going back to the past in the museum. I learned about the history of post town and boats of Hirakata. There was a replica of an old town, so I could easily understand the history.

Koka (32) From China

Conpeito Petit Museum

  • 体験する
  • 楽しむ

I saw the process of making 'Kompeito,' Japanese little sugar candy. I could make it by myself and it was so fun!

Chen Li (22) From China

Osaka Nature Park

  • 楽しむ
  • 自然に触れる

You can fully enjoy yourself in the nature here. There is a suspension bridge called “Swing-of-star”, a wall for rock-climbing and more. The more I visit here, the more I like here.

Zedini Lazhar (40) From Tunisia

Konosuke Matsushita Museum

  • 歴史・文化を知る

I got surprised to know that things like rice cookers and refrigerator were already around 30-40 years ago.

Chen Jinxin From China