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Northern Osaka An area near Osaka City which is popular with many spots where you can enjoy nature easily.
Minami Kawachi With the pastoral landscape that reflects the atmosphere of ancient times, this area is full of historical assets.
Eastern Osaka An area surrounded with rivers and mountains at the foot of Ikoma Mountains. There are many spots that have an extensive view.
Minami Senshu Kansai International Airport, the air gateway to Osaka, is in this area. Kishiwada Danjiri Festival is really spectacular.
Sakai / Semboku With Emperor Nintoku’s tomb, which brings the feeling of ancient times, and traditional handicrafts and culture, which are well preserved in modern life, there are many things to see.
Kita With modern tall buildings and underground shopping arcades, this fashionable town is convenient for shopping and dining.
Bay Area Waterfront area with a lot of amusement facilities where you can enjoy yourself all day.
Nakanoshima Area The landscape with parks and rivers symbolize the Aquapolis Osaka. There are retro buildings scattered around.
Tennoji / Shinsekai Shitennoji Temple was built by Prince Shotoku. Exotic Shinsekai town is a symbol of Naniwa.
Minami Known as a big bustling restaurant area that attracts young people. There is an alley with a nostalgic atmosphere as well.
Osaka Castle / Tsurumi-ryokuchi Park Centered with Osaka Castle, the symbol of history and culture of Osaka, it serves as a downtown oasis that provides lush greenery.


Stations of JR, subways and other railways concentrate in this area, Umeda where there are many department stores there, also brand shop buildings and large shopping malls under ground. The Floating Garden Observatory of Umeda Sky Building which is the landmark of Osaka commands a splendid view. Also Tenjinbashi-suji shopping street, the longest shopping street in Japan, is worth visiting.

HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel

  • 楽しむ
  • 見る

I recommend to ride on the huge ferris wheel there. I heard that when the weather is good, you can see as far as Mt Rokko and Mt Ikoma, as well as Osaka City. The night view is also great.

CHANG CHUN-CHU (19) From Taiwan

Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

  • 体験する
  • 歴史・文化を知る

It has an alley where you can feel as if you have slipped into the Edo era. I have experienced wearing kimono as a part of school activity and walked around. It was nice that a staff took a picture of me then. I want to take my sister when she comes to Japan.

Choe Ayeong (19) From South Korea

Takimi Koji

  • 食べる

I went there soon after I arrived in Japan. It was interesting that I could get a glimpse of Japan in the Showa period.

Palk Haijin (38) From South Korea

Osaka Temmangu Shrine

  • 歴史・文化を知る

I went to Temmangu Shrine on New Year's Day and was so surprised that there were so many people. I enjoyed the atmosphere of Japanese New Year's Day.

Ayaka (20s) From China

Yodobashi Camera

  • 買い物する
  • 食べる

It's a convenient place because it's open until late and we can do shopping and dining at the same place.

Luffy (27) From China

Tsuyunoten Shrine (Ohatsu Tenjin Shrine)

  • 歴史・文化を知る

It's interesting that a shrine is located in the middle of a modern city. I went there because I was interested in the story of "Sonezaki Shinju".

Dewi Kusrini (30s) From Indonesia

Tenjin Matsuri Festival

  • 楽しむ
  • 歴史・文化を知る

It was a very hot day and there was a big turnout but I enjoyed funatogyo (the boat procession) a lot as well as fireworks.

Letelier From El Salvador

Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street

  • 買い物する
  • 食べる

I heard it's the longest shopping street in Japan. There are every kind of shops including old specialty shops and curious shops, and of course cheap shops and good restaurants. It's my favorite spot.

Baiyun (30s) From China

Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Festival

  • 見る

I saw fireworks for the first time in my life. I didn't get tired while looking at any kinds of fireworks. It was really fun.

Dini (23) From India

Osaka Station City

  • 買い物する
  • 食べる

Connected directly to Osaka station, it's very convenient. There are many shopping spots including department stores in the two big building facing each other across the station.

Han Jinmin (32) From South Korea

Floating Garden Observatory (Umeda Sky Building)

  • 見る
  • 食べる

It has an open air observation deck, which is rare for skyscrapers, where you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view. The wind you feel there is very refreshing. It's a must for visitors to Osaka.

Tei (23) From China

Whity Umeda

  • 買い物する
  • 食べる

I often visit this area where department stores are concentrated. Buildings are always getting newer there. Information signboards in and around the station and the department stores are very easy to follow. This area can be called a cosmopolitan area.

Florence Nagayama (50s) From Malaysia