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Dining Recommended Spots

Shinsaibashi-suji Shotengai

More and more shops have signboards in Chinese and shop clerks speak Chinese recently, which is convenient for Chinese shoppers. There are numerous restaurants in this street. Especially I love all-you-can-eat shops for sushi and pizza.

Zhang Wanyi (28) From China

Hozenji Yokocho

Its narrow alley is paved with stones and filled with nostalgic and relaxing atmosphere.

Zita (30s) From Hungary

Takimi Koji

I went there soon after I arrived in Japan. It was interesting that I could get a glimpse of Japan in the Showa period.

Palk Haijin (38) From South Korea

Gourmet & Music Cruise “Himawari”

We enjoyed eating dishes while listening to live music in a gorgeous mood. The scenery from the boat was so nice, too.

Momoka (30) From China

Tajiri Ocean Community Center

I went to the Sunday market. I enjoyed buying fresh foods at reasonable prices. I had a barbecue, too. I felt so good and I would like to visit there again.

Momoka (30) From China

Rinku Town

I can enjoy shopping near the ocean. The night sight from here is so beautiful.

Li Jinghua (29) From China

Osaka Bay Cruise “Santa Maria”

You can enjoy the wonderful view of Osaka from the cruise ship and the foods are so good, too.

Maria (40s) From Philippines

Yodobashi Camera

It's a convenient place because it's open until late and we can do shopping and dining at the same place.

Luffy (27) From China


Walking around this area will give you the essence of Osaka. You can experience the cooking of okonomiyaki by yourself.

Eduardo Mira Batista (56) From Portugal

Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street

I heard it's the longest shopping street in Japan. There are every kind of shops including old specialty shops and curious shops, and of course cheap shops and good restaurants. It's my favorite spot.

Baiyun (30s) From China

Namba Parks

I think it's great that the building is abundant in flowers and greenery though the building is located in the middle of a big city. It also has movie theaters and many shops so I recommend it for a date.

Li Yufang (25) From China


The atmosphere of the streets, the type of which I hadn't experienced in Canada, is interesting. There are many kinds of cheap and tasty foods including Kushikatsu, Japanese-style of deep-fried kebab, and recommended especially for young people.

Reid Aune (29) From Canada

Osaka Station City

Connected directly to Osaka station, it's very convenient. There are many shopping spots including department stores in the two big building facing each other across the station.

Han Jinmin (32) From South Korea

Ebisubashisuji Shopping Street

I think it's the most convenient place for shopping. I frequent there because there are many types of shops including "fast-fashion" shops. The transportation is also very convenient. I do everything in this area, dining with friends, buying clothes or books.

Chen Jinxin From China

Floating Garden Observatory (Umeda Sky Building)

It has an open air observation deck, which is rare for skyscrapers, where you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view. The wind you feel there is very refreshing. It's a must for visitors to Osaka.

Tei (23) From China

Kuromon Ichiba

A lot of fresh sea foods are sold here. I also see many food materials that I have never seen before. You'll get satisfied while just looking.

Lam Tsz Kwan (22) From China

Whity Umeda

I often visit this area where department stores are concentrated. Buildings are always getting newer there. Information signboards in and around the station and the department stores are very easy to follow. This area can be called a cosmopolitan area.

Florence Nagayama (50s) From Malaysia

America-mura (American Village)

Filled with clubs and shops, it's definitely a town for young people. Many shops there are small and private run and sell unique clothes, which you won't get bored of looking at.

LYY (20) From China