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Enjoying Recommended Spots

The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum

I enjoyed the experience of making my own cup noodle there. You have choices like whether you include pork extract or not so you can make one for Muslim people. It was also good that I could design the picture on my own cup.

Dewi Kusrini (30s) From Indonesia

Hirakata Park

We often visit there because we can always have a relaxing time even with little children. Shows of anime characters are often held and our children like it very much.

Ayaka (20s) From China

Kishiwada Danjiri Festival

It's awesome, isn't it? It's an uplifting festival, the type of which I haven't experienced in China. It's great that people get together to create the excitement. I also like the atmosphere that all are friends.

Wang Shilu (24) From China

HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel

I recommend to ride on the huge ferris wheel there. I heard that when the weather is good, you can see as far as Mt Rokko and Mt Ikoma, as well as Osaka City. The night view is also great.

CHANG CHUN-CHU (19) From Taiwan

Maishima Helicopter Tour (Ogawa Air)

I enjoyed a helicopter flight for the first time. I was so excited seeing the scenery of Osaka city from the sky.

Momoka (30) From China

Kishiwada Danjiri Kaikan

I was amazed to see the "Danjiri," which is a finely made parade float, near the entrance. I have never seen the real Danjiri Festival but could feel its atmosphere by seeing a movie there.

Koka (32) From China

Gourmet & Music Cruise “Himawari”

We enjoyed eating dishes while listening to live music in a gorgeous mood. The scenery from the boat was so nice, too.

Momoka (30) From China

Tajiri Ocean Community Center

I went to the Sunday market. I enjoyed buying fresh foods at reasonable prices. I had a barbecue, too. I felt so good and I would like to visit there again.

Momoka (30) From China

Conpeito Petit Museum

I saw the process of making 'Kompeito,' Japanese little sugar candy. I could make it by myself and it was so fun!

Chen Li (22) From China

Osaka Nature Park

You can fully enjoy yourself in the nature here. There is a suspension bridge called “Swing-of-star”, a wall for rock-climbing and more. The more I visit here, the more I like here.

Zedini Lazhar (40) From Tunisia


I like the atmosphere which makes me feel like being in the past and the present at the same time.

Richard Smith (35) From Canada

Modern Transportation Museum

It's a modern museum. The exhibits and the driving simulators are enjoyable even for adults. There are real shinkansen and locomotives. Children will be delighted, too.

Trevor in Osaka (42) From UK 

Kyocera Dome Osaka

Many Japanese baseball players are famous in foreign countries and Japanese baseball is very different from that of the USA, so it's really interesting to watch games. This stadium is near a subway station and it has a great atmosphere so I enjoy watching games here.

Ryan (42) From USA

Tombori Riverwalk

You can see from the boat the buildings on both sides of the river and many people walking. I was interested in watching them and to be watched as well. There are many bridges too. Your legs might get heavy as you walk a lot while sightseeing. So I think it is a good idea to go sightseeing on this boat, so you can sit and watch the sights.

Hwang Minsoo (24) From South Korea

Misaki Park

I saw a dolphin show for the first time there. I was so impressed that cute dolphins were so smart as to follow the instructions, working so hard to carry out their mission.

J&J.E (23) From China


Walking around this area will give you the essence of Osaka. You can experience the cooking of okonomiyaki by yourself.

Eduardo Mira Batista (56) From Portugal

Tenjin Matsuri Festival

It was a very hot day and there was a big turnout but I enjoyed funatogyo (the boat procession) a lot as well as fireworks.

Letelier From El Salvador

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

In Vietnam I lived in an area far from the sea so I want to show my family how many fishes are there in the ocean.

Dodidcoc (20) From Vietnam


The atmosphere of the streets, the type of which I hadn't experienced in Canada, is interesting. There are many kinds of cheap and tasty foods including Kushikatsu, Japanese-style of deep-fried kebab, and recommended especially for young people.

Reid Aune (29) From Canada

Universal Studios Japan®

Whenever you go you'll never get tired of the attractions and shows of many kinds, on the theme of various movies and picture books, and the seasonal parades. Both adults and children can enjoy.

Flower (30s) From China