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Tradition and Experience

In this tour, you will have interesting experiences that you can do only in Osaka. The tour includes spots where you can communicate with Osaka people. We hope you will feel familiar with Osaka.

Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

This exhibit shows how the housing and living styles of people in Osaka have changed. There is a reproduction of the town of Osaka in the Edo Period, where you will feel like you are walking on a street of that time. You can try on a kimono and walk around in it.

Tenjinbashi-suji Shopping Street

This 2.6km-long street is famous for the longest shopping street in Japan. This shopping arcade, with many small toriis (shrine gates), is lined with so many kinds of shops, such as restaurants, variety shops, clothing shops, and so on. You can feel the atmosphere of Osaka’s community-oriented shopping street here.

Expo Park

See the Details The park was constructed on the site of that Osaka Expo which was held in 1970. In the extended premises are the Tower of the Sun (the symbol of the park), and other facilities including tea rooms in the Japanese Garden, where you can enjoy powdered green tea, the Japanese Folk Crafts Museum, which exhibits various traditional Japanese crafts, and the National Museum of Ethnology, where you can see exhibits about the cultures and lives of different ethnicities from all over the world.

Osaka Tenmangu Shrine

Sugawara no Michizane, a famous 9th century scholar who worked at the royal court, is enshrined here as the principal deity, as a god of scholarship. When Tenjin Matsuri, one of the three great festivals of Japan, is held in July, it’s crowded with worshippers. In the precinct of the shrine, you can see omikuji (sacred lot), ema (votive picture tablet), omamori (good luck charm), and other Japanese religious customs.

Osaka Castle Park

Osaka Castle is one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Osaka, where many tourists visit. The top floor of the castle tower provides a panoramic view of Osaka and the lower floors exhibit the history of the castle. You can dress up as a samurai warrior or a samurai daughter at the second floor and have a photo session. The moat and the stone wall are so big as to remind people of how huge the whole castle was.


Duck Tour

You can tour Osaka both on the land and on the river by Japan’s first amphibious bus. You can enjoy the scenery of Osaka Castle and Aquapolis Osaka from different angles.(Reservation necessary)

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Morino Sample

Food replica was invented and developed in Japan. You can experience making a food replica at Morino Sample, a company which produces food replicas. You can make your own original parfait or cake. It will be a nice souvenir. (Reservation necessary)

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Samurai Experience

You can become a samurai in Osaka! How about experiencing chanbara (sword fighting) like ones seen in movies? The Naniwa Samurai Ambassadors will teach you and hold shows. In the course for foreigners, you can wear kimono and have a photo session. Let’s get into a world you have never experienced.
(Reservation necessary)

tel:06-6536-8048(Japanese only)

Ninja Experience

Entering the house in which ninjas hide, you will be surprised at the mysterious space. There are hidden doors, secret pathways, and so on. Is it possible to solve all the secrets to find the hidden ninjas? If you accomplish the mission and get out of the house, you can get the title of a Ninja Master.

Noh Experience at Yamamoto Noh Theatre

The oldest noh theater in Osaka. Noh is designated as an important cultural heritage. Noh performances are available in English, Chinese, and Korean, and a guided stage tour or workshop is available in English and Chinese. In the stage tour you can take a good look at the building, the stage, and the backstage with a lecture. You can do a photo session on the stage too. In the workshop, you can try on noh masks and costumes as well as recite noh chants.
(Reservation necessary)

Nakazakuidaore Building

A restaurant-filled building in Dotombori, where you can enjoy the tastes of Osaka. Here you can fully enjoy Osaka foods such as okonomiyaki and takoyaki.


Whity Umeda

An underground shopping mall where daily visitors reach 600,000. You can enjoy shopping as well as dining there.

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A restaurant mall on the basement floor of the Umeda Sky Building, with a reproduction of a street of Osaka from the early Showa Period.

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Tradition and Experience


It was fun that I could walk and see the recreation of a street of Osaka in the Edo era in kimono, at Osaka Museum of Housing and Living. When the light of the exhibit was dimmed as moonlight, it was like a real ancient town at night. I thought Japanese old houses were small but clean and that they were more open than Russian houses. Walking along the Tenjinbashi-suji Shopping Street will take you to Osaka Tenmangu Shrine, where you can experience praying at a shrine.

Years In Osaka…6


The tower of Osaka Castle has an impressive gold colored decoration, suggesting luxury when it was built. The design of the stone wall is also impressive and it is amazing that the wall is made of such huge stone blocks. The experience of sword fight gives me a good chance to feel tradition in Japan, which with good sound effects, makes me feel like an actor. Umeda is a modern city but in the area filled with drinking spots you can feel an atmosphere of a bit old Osaka.

Years In Osaka…16

Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

It has an alley where you can feel as if you have slipped into the Edo era. I have experienced wearing kimono as a part of school activity and walked around. It was nice that a staff took a picture of me then. I want to take my sister when she comes to Japan.

From South Korea Choe Ayeong (18)

Sabina You can put on Kimono and then walk in the museum. You also can take pictures in the museum.

Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street

I heard it's the longest shopping street in Japan. There are every kind of shops including old specialty shops and curious shops, and of course cheap shops and good restaurants. It's my favorite spot.

From China Baiyun (30s)

Sabina It's a long long shopping street of various shops. It is a great fun whenever I go there.

Osaka Temmangu Shrine

I went to Temmangu Shrine on New Year's Day and was so surprised that there were so many people. I enjoyed the atmosphere of Japanese New Year's Day.

From China Ayaka (20s)

Sabina I was surprised to find the beautiful and noble Shrine when I walked around the shopping street.

Osaka Castle Park

Every day I take a walk around Osaka Caste Park for one hour. It's very refreshing to walk in the large park with seasonal flowers and plants such as plums and cherries in spring.

From Turkey A.Kamil Toplamaoglu (50)

Ryan I always get impressed with the shape and the design of the Osaka Castle.