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Enjoy the Nature - Northern Osaka

Mino Quasi-National Park, less than an hour trip from the center of Osaka city, is a picturesque area blessed with rich nature. Along with beautiful natural scenery and waterfall in every season, you can enjoy a hot spring spa. Recommended to those who would like to spend some peaceful, quiet time in nature. In this tour, after visiting cultural facilities in the Expo Park and enjoying nature, you can have a luxurious dinner in the city.

Expo Park

The park was constructed on the site of Osaka Expo, Asia’s first expo held in 1970. In the extended premises are the Tower of the Sun, the symbol of the park and other facilities including tea rooms in the Japanese Garden, where you can enjoy powdered green tea, the Japan Folk Crafts Museum, which exhibit various traditional Japanese craft, and National Museum of Ethnology, where you can see exhibits about culture and life of different ethnicities from all over the world.

Mino waterfall

In the area around the waterfall, which is famous for its beautiful scenery, you can feel the beauty of nature in each season. The Autumn color is particularly special. Fried maple leaves sold at the roadside stand are popular as a rare souvenir. Walking along the approach to the waterfall, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the forest and the mountain stream, you might see wild monkeys at times. The insect pavilion is on the way and both children and adults can enjoy.

Katsuoji Temple

See the Details Katsuoji is a historic old temple located deep in the mountains of Mino. After leaving the waterfall and walking along a mountain trail to arrive at the temple, you will feel overwhelmed by its magnificent atmosphere. It’s famous as a temple at which to pray for victory in many things.

Mino Spa Garden

It’s popular as a genuine natural hot spring in the Northern Osaka area, to which you can make one-day trip. Soaking in the big bath or open-air bath will not only warm your body but also make your skin very smooth. After the spa, just relax and have dinner at a restaurant. Seeing the night view from the roof is also recommended.

Gourmet&Music Cruise Himawari

The boat, the Himawari travels on the Okawa River, which runs through the center of Osaka. You can enjoy a beautiful night view from Osaka Castle to Nakanoshima, while having a fancy dinner from the Imperial Hotel.
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Mimiu Honten

The various foods and noodles we offer are very carefully selected. Try our "udon-suki"!

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You can enjoy the Japanese garden and menu items which changes by seasons

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Hariju Honten

You can enjoy Japanese beef, shabu-shabu and sukiyaki in a calm atmosphere.

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Enjoy the Nature - Northern Osaka

Claude Michel-Lesne

This tour will give you very relaxed feeling in nature and in hot spring. It is a bit far to the waterfall from the railway station of Mino, but you will be all the more impressed when you get there after a long walk. It is recommended that you take bath in hot spring and you feel refreshed at the very last spot of this tour. Foreigners love nature in Japan, such as cherry blossoms and autumn leaves. Therefore, spring and autumn are the best seasons of Mino.

Years In Osaka…1

Expo Park

I got on the cool and modern monorail to get there, where there are splendid traditional Japanese gardens in four different types. I often go there to take photos.

From Brazil Koga Michel (35)

Claude The Tower of the Sun is very impressive. I had Matcha tea and I could learn about some Japanese culture.

Mino Waterfall

It was so nice that I could feel the natural riches of mountains and rivers. I saw monkeys on the roadside trees when I was walking to the fall. I hadn't seen wild monkeys in Europe so I was surprised when I could see wild monkeys so close.

From Austria Johannes Kiener(29)

Claude Sound of river water and birds' singing heal and refresh people.

Minoh Hot Spring (Minoh Onsen Spa Garden)

I sometimes take a one-day trip to Minoh Onsen to get relaxed and refreshed. I like my skin being smooth like silk. It's easy to get there by train and the autumn foliage is very beautiful, too.

From China Ayaka (20s)

Claude Located on a hill, you command good views. You can enjoy taking various kinds of baths.